New and Returning Minis for Rohan At War

11 thoughts on “New and Returning Minis for Rohan At War”

  1. Some nice miniatures there. I much prefer Rohan to Gondor. I had friends who were the actual Rohirrim in the film, but as I like horses I am drawn to them a bit more. I might have to buy some more riders of Rohan, just as they are some of my favourite miniatures.

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    1. That’s awesome Maeno! I don’t know why I don’t like Rohan more. Theoden is a fantastic character and Rohan’s charge in Return of the King is as good as it gets. I think the Faramir and Boromir dynamic appeals to me just a bit more. It is always awesome to see you painting Middle Earth minis so I say treat yourself to some Rohan minis 🙂

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      1. The charge of the Rohirrim is the best bit in the film 😂. I know what you mean about Faramir and Boromir, it works well. I think my first ever character in MERP was a ranger of Ithilien. I loved the books and to be honest the Lord of the Rings film was Awesome. Loved the book of the Hobbit and the films were shite! They did have their moments, but on the whole I felt they sold things short. I am looking forward to the television series if it ever gets off the ground. I will get the Rohan foot troops painted up and then see about getting some more cavalry.

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      2. I really like the rangers too. They were so cool when they made their first appearance and ambushed the Haradrim! I didn’t mind The Hobbit movies but I can definitely see their faults at the same time. They’re like the Star Wars prequels in that the man behind them fell prey to their excesses/worst move making decisions sadly. I hope the TV series is good too. It will only help MESBG even if I don’t think GW will get the license to make minis for that show specifically. I look forward to seeing those Rohan infantry painted up when you get around to them 🙂


  2. Will be saving my money on this one. I had just sold my uruk hai battering ram and galadrim plastic warriors. I have the gw version of the dungeon keeper and the three compilations of best of white dwarfs plus once upon a time I actually subscribed to white dwarf during the lotr heyday. Did not keep the whole magazine but ripped out the articles.

    Don’t understand doing the Theoden model except for collectors.

    All that being said, I’m glad that gw is doing the made to order, just that the only week to get them is rather tiresome.

    For the best of white dwarf, I’m looking forward to your review and if it includes painting guides I hope they at least provide the cross reference they did when they launched the current range of paints.

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    1. I wish that I could save money on this one, Bret! GW is going to get me to spend money on minis I don’t really want or need because I don’t want to miss out!

      I am very curious about the Best of White Dwarf book as well. It could be really good, okay, or not that useful. You make a good point about the painting guides. They could definitely be updated to match current paint schemes. The problem I see is that painting techniques have evolved quite a bit and if you’re looking to paint minis as well as you can, those older guides aren’t going to do it. For myself, I don’t think I’d get much from them at all though I recognize that other people may not feel similarly.


  3. I failed my lotr lore check and can’t recall who / what Crebain is. 😀

    Lots of good stuff out. The white dwarf comp looks promising but I can wait till I hear more about what the content is. Maybe you’ll provide me with an excellent review…😀

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    1. Crebain are basically bird scouts for Sauron. I think they’re supposed to be like crows or ravens though GW’s version doesn’t quite look like either of those. Its been a while since I’ve read the books and that is most certainly on my to-do list 🙂

      I have a feeling I will have seen a lot of the content in the White Dwarf book but I’m still looking forward to it and have little doubt that it will be inspirational. I look forward to buying and reviewing it whenever it goes on sale 🙂


  4. Glad I’ve got (almost) all of those models and aren’t interested in the couple I don’t. More importantly, I am glad that GW has started to do this, because I hate what scalpers do and having more of these models available doesn’t hurt me in the slightest and only helps the hobby overall. 🙂

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    1. While Made to Order can be frustrating as you have to really think about what to buy and free up a lot of money to make purchases at times, I appreciate them too. Having the chance to get old models is really cool and it makes you feel like you will at least have a chance to get stuff from the entire range which is what I think most SBG fans want too. It makes us feel like GW loves us haha!

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