Synthetic Life

So much has been going on since my last update that an update on my personal life is in order. I have moved (finally!). It went pretty well all things considered. The worst part was having to wait almost a week to get the natural gas turned on which meant no warm/hot showers during that … Continue reading Synthetic Life

Deathclaw in Progress

I might as well get the big personal news out of the way. The condo buying process has taken several big leaps forward. After my fiancée and I offered and haggled a bit, our offer was accepted. We had a home inspection this week that went fairly well all things considered and now we just … Continue reading Deathclaw in Progress

The Lost Journal Fallout Wasteland Warfare Battle Report

Welcome to the 4th Fallout tutorial scenario. The mini-campaign continues on and this time, the Survivors are searching for a journal with potentially valuable information while the Super Mutants hope to exact some revenge from their previous loss. This battle report did not go the way I planned or necessarily even expected but you’ll have … Continue reading The Lost Journal Fallout Wasteland Warfare Battle Report

A Glowing Ghoul

I have a quick update this time around because my fiancée’s surgery was on Wednesday and it has certainly been a busy week. I’ve painted a bit less this week than usual which is to be expected considering the circumstances. Thankfully the surgery went well and she is hopefully on the road to recovery. I … Continue reading A Glowing Ghoul