The Scouring of the Shire Returns to MESBG!

9 thoughts on “The Scouring of the Shire Returns to MESBG!”

  1. Well my friend, I can say for myself that I’m not super excited about the shire but I am excited for you, and you enthusiasm is catchy. Actually I’m a little relieved that this is what the next big release will be, bc it will save me money 😀

    I look forward to watching your progress on these projects. And you were the first to tell me of the news do that makes you my news leader.

    On Sat, May 11, 2019 at 2:39 PM Battles in Middle Earth wrote:

    > Kuribo posted: “The point of this blog post isn’t really to break news > that many people will have already seen but to share my excitement for the > news and explain how it will shape what I’m doing in the near future. First > off, The Scouring of the Shire is like the one” >

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    1. I don’t know if the player base for MESBG is excited for this update either but I’m glad my enthusiasm is infectious! 🙂 I will look forward to your progress with Gondor at War because Scouring of the Shire all but guarantees that I won’t get to playing those scenarios anytime in the near future.

      Thanks for stopping by as always and there should be a much anticipated battle report appearing on the site here within the next week!


  2. I think one of the hardest parts about the Scouring scenarios for me would be actually making The Shire look decent on the tabletop. Hobbit Holes being such a unique looking bit of terrain than it’s hard to think of what else they could be used for, even if I set my games on a particularly flat bit of the place (because bloody hills!)

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    1. That is a very good point about the challenge. For me, I find it a hard temptation to resist even with the challenge. Creating a beautiful Shire table seems like one of the coolest things an LOTR player could have or accomplish in their collection. With that said, building hills is a real challenge and something I will have to figure out in the coming months 😀

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      1. Building hills shouldn’t be so bad. Main thing to decide early is if you want “stepped” hills (better for gaming on) or rounded ones, which look better, but minis tend to fall very easily. Lots of wargaming tutorials about for the stepped ones, and the model railroad guys have lots for the latter.
        A shire table would look amazing, but it’d be the permanent storage (and how often would you use them) for the 4-6-8-10 hobbit holes you’d need to make it really look fantastic. Much less useful across games than a great looking Amon Hen…

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  3. Note – I’m not saying *don’t* make a Shire table – just pointing out why it’s not something I’d be doing. I’m all for you going nuts with it, and between foam card/foamcore with one side stripped and popsicle sticks/coffee stirrers, you can get a hell of a lot of the details shown on the nice FW frontages.

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    1. No worries! I’m all about tackling goals that are darn near impossible or that take on a ton of time. For some reason, those are what attract me the most in this hobby.

      With that said, I don’t know if I’ll build a formal board all out of foam or if I’ll go the mat with terrain on top approach. I’m inclined to do the second because I don’t have a great place to store a board right now. It won’t look quite as nice as a full-on board but it will allow me to build other tables in the future which is important. I’m curious to see the actual Scouring of the Shire book to better understand what kind of terrain and layouts GW is recommending for the scenarios but I’ll have to be patient since there isn’t a release date announced yet.

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