Farmer Maggot’s Crops Done (For Real This Time)

11 thoughts on “Farmer Maggot’s Crops Done (For Real This Time)”

  1. Sorry to hear about the increased warping, sometimes just need to admit defeat and start over. I have a box of bits from failed projects.

    I’m even having problems finding the craft paint I use for my Hirst blocks projects, it is interesting times.

    With GW and Forge World closed I’m finding my “need” list is getting quite lengthy and expensive 🙂

    Stay healthy.

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    1. I agree, Bret. I do think I learned from the first piece and (mostly) made the second and third better so that is one positive of having to trash the first one. I’m sorry to hear about the troubles you’re having. I’m waiting for that shoe to drop here (beyond the fact that I can’t get any new MESBG minis I want) and I run out of something I really need. I can only hope that GW opens for business again sooner than later! I hope you stay healthy in the meantime as well 🙂

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  2. Warping can be a pain. I have started putting everything onto EPVC as it can’t warp (unless it gets too warm I suppose). Loving the fields and crops. Luckily for me my GW list is on hold anyway whilst I paint up the Samurai and get all The terrain for that sorted first.

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    1. I’ve heard good things about EPVC and I definitely need to look into it more. Thanks for the kind words and I’m envious that you have a big project ahead of you that isn’t affected by the quarantine! The amount of samurai things you’ve been creating lately is really impressive!

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  3. Oh man, I’m sorry the old piece warped so much that it couldn’t be used. Bummer, bc it was so pretty. But as I’ve learned from ex girlfriends, pretty but warped is not very fun…

    But the two new fields came out looking great.
    Looking forward to seeing the table. It’s always cool when all the miniatures and terrain for a scenario are completed. 😀

    GW shutting down for a little while hasn’t really affected me as LOTR is kinda a side project. And luckily so far when I’ve needed some hobby supplies the people who I bought from where still open.

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    1. Haha, you are treasure trove of witticisms, my friend! It was demotivating for a day or two to pitch the first field but once I got back into the groove of making the fields, it wasn’t too bad. I am planning on getting a game in sometime this week since I’m excited to see it all on the table and hopefully take some really cool photos.

      I’m glad to hear GW isn’t limiting your hobby too much as well! If I was only only focused on MESBG, I’d really be hosed right now and probably not painting much, if at all so I suppose things could be worse.


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