Arkham Horror: The Card Game Return to the Night of Zealot Review

6 thoughts on “Arkham Horror: The Card Game Return to the Night of Zealot Review”

  1. I like how you describe the quality of the components of the game as well as the usefulness of the various cards. It seems like most of the time reviews focus on the game with a passing statement on how well the components will hold up over time.

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    1. Thank you, Bret! I would have to think that is coming from more of a collector and/or Kickstarter mentality where the quality of the components matter heavily, maybe even more than the gameplay because you spent a fair chunk of money and you may not fully play the game anyway.


  2. My niece has Arkham Horror the board game that I looked at tonight. The components looked nice but didn’t fit in the box very well once punched out/used. She enjoys the game but the separating of the pieces prior to playing the game would take time that could be playing, so yes, how the pieces work and store are an important part of the puzzle in buying the game to me.

    Maybe it’s how the game is put away for the next game but if they don’t all fit nicely I feel the designers didn’t think the whole process thru. My brother has a lot of board wargames and some almost take an evening to set up before you can even think about playing.

    Long story short, I like a complete review of games. 😁

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    1. Do you know what version of Arkham Horror she has? That sounds like it could be 2nd Edition which was just full of stuff. You needed a huge table for the game too, especially if you got an expansions. Fantasy Flight Games is really bad about providing storage in the box for any of their games. It just seems like its something they don’t care about whatsoever which is a shame. Some games are so packed with stuff, it is a hobby in and of itself, getting them organized. Shadows of Brimstone is like that. There are so many cards and tokens and miniatures to organize with that game that it seems like it takes a lot of work and thought to make it playable. I would imagine that wouldn’t fly with you and the fact that it takes up so much storage is what keeps me away from it.


  3. Excellent review mate and it’s on my list, though it has been there for quite some time to be honest – you know how it is😉
    I like the box, as storing all the cards is a right pain, and this will help no end – looks like there’s plenty of room to store other expansions/core box in there too?

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    1. Thanks, mate and I do know! 🙂 I feel like Arkham isn’t getting the attention it deserves from me lately (despite writing this review). For this Return to box, there is definitely extra storage room beyond the encounter cards so you can get more mileage out of it than I do if you want. I have Dunwich Legacy’s Return to and it is not nearly as roomy since there are a lot more encounter cards to store for that cycle.

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