Pulp Alley Core Rules Second Edition Review

As I like to point out with any wargame rules review that I do, I’m a moderately experienced wargamers who’s played two different games consistently and looked at a few more systems beyond that. What follows are just my opinions and things that I think might be interesting to you. I’m not going to comprehensively … Continue reading Pulp Alley Core Rules Second Edition Review

For Ulthuan and Crom!

That title might confuse some but I promise it will make sense by the end. This week might have been the worst I’ve had in terms of wedding and moving stress. I finally jumped through enough hoops for the closing only for the lawyer and lender to schedule it on a day without consulting me … Continue reading For Ulthuan and Crom!

Deathclaw in Progress

I might as well get the big personal news out of the way. The condo buying process has taken several big leaps forward. After my fiancĂ©e and I offered and haggled a bit, our offer was accepted. We had a home inspection this week that went fairly well all things considered and now we just … Continue reading Deathclaw in Progress