Pulp Alley Core Rules Second Edition Review

23 thoughts on “Pulp Alley Core Rules Second Edition Review”

  1. Pulp Alley has been on my radar for quite some time but I am loathe to dip into another rule set. That said your review makes it tempting. Mrs. GG and I love Lost World settings. We are eagerly awaiting your foray into this game!

    I am wondering now if Pulp Alley may have a place in our Tarnished Splendor project. Those cards look interesting and good solo play is very appealing to me as Mrs. GG has so little free time to game right now.

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    1. Pulp Alley will be my backup project so progress will be slow unfortunately for us. Once I move, I plan on getting something to paint as I’d like to get going on it even if it is just painting up a mini and then finishing up other projects.

      I think Pulp Alley could be a good route to go. I saw someone wanting to use the system for something Sharpe related which made me think of you actually. Knowing your interest in customizing your games, a system like Pulp Alley would make it easy to design each mini you use which is a pretty cool opportunity!

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    1. That’s a perfect use of this system, John! There are several characters in this rulebook that, to me anyway, could walk straight out of an airplane from Crimson Skies and into a brawl or shootout 🙂 It could be a great fit for your gaming, if you want to add that element to it.

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  2. Great review Jeff, you have covered all the elements that people look at with a game, and given a fair perspective, whether positive or negative. Look forward to seeing what you do with the lost world setting

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    1. Thanks, Dave! I’m glad to hear my review was balanced (I do what I can!). I hope to get a start on the lost world after I finally move in a couple of weeks. I can hardly wait 🙂

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    1. I might have written this in the hopes of tempting you! 😀 With your terrain skills, I’d imagine you could come up with some amazing stuff. In other words, I will continue to tempt you in the coming days!

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      1. I’m not sure what the Gunboat would look like (though I’m certainly intrigued!) but that first idea sounds gold to me. I really want to use Pulp Alley for some Egyptian adventures too. That is why I might be interested in Hirst Arts in the future as well.

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      2. If you are looking at Warlord Games Savage Core figures, be aware that Warlord Games is raising their prices July 11th

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      3. Thanks for letting me know! I wasn’t planning on ordering from them as I found a US-based seller (Badger Games) but I could see prices going up soon regardless so I should probably get my order in soon.

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  3. Nice overview of the system. I hope that you’ll enjoy it when you finally get it in the table. Maybe just do a little test game with counters just to try it out.
    This is what, your 4th miniature rule book? I’m kinda enjoying the blank slate you have and watching the collection grow. Reminds me of when I was unencumbered by having so much stuff.
    Hope the move is going alright. 😀

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    1. Wow, I’m impressed that you know how many rule books I’ve looked at. I’m sure it was a guess but you are spot on! I don’t have a ton of stuff yet but truthfully, I am risking spreading myself too thin in the hobby already so I will be extremely reluctant to add anything to my hobby plate after this. The move is rapidly approaching now, finally but more on that in my next update 😉

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      1. Whadayya mean guess? Like I haven’t been reading your blog for years now (or do it seems). I can even name them without cheating and looking at previous posts; LoTR, Fallout, Paleo Diet, and now Pulp. Lol.

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      2. I think it has been a couple of years now. I’m just impressed you remember them! Though no bonus points for Fallout and LOTR which are pretty obvious. Either way, I sold your memory short and I humbly apologize! 😀

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  4. I do like a bit of pulp… we ran our RPG game for years…we actually used Lego. Now I cannot remember what the actual campaign was but our Comic was called Argy Lacy and the ‘curious case of the missing professor’ we probably spent as long setting up the shots of the Lego as we did playing the game. I might do a run on the blog 🤔…once I find them that is. I tend to fall back on Savage worlds for my pulp Skirmish games, simply because I know the system, but I might have to give these a look.

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    1. That sounds awesome! I’d love to see what you came up with. Savage Worlds could be a good inspiration for pulp wargaming then. I’ll have to check that out in the future. Thanks for the suggestion because it wouldn’t be on my radar otherwise since I don’t know a lot about RPGs.

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      1. I will try and find the electronic copies. I have used Savage Worlds for a lot of my skirmish type games from WW2/ Vietnam through fantasy and early historical up to and including the Allen’s universe

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    1. Thank you for the kind words and for the link! That looks like a cracking game to me. I’m a long ways off from being able to play PA but I’m even more excited after hearing about the game you played.


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