The Wisdom of the Eldar

12 thoughts on “The Wisdom of the Eldar”

  1. It’s better than anything I’ve ever painted so I say great job. For people like you who enjoy painting it seems like a great idea to actually focus on one miniature and see how well it can be painted.

    Great job! 😀

    On Sat, Aug 3, 2019 at 8:46 PM Battles in Middle Earth wrote:

    > Kuribo posted: “Finally back with hobby progress and really it is just the > completion (or at least very near done) Farseer from a couple of updates > ago. I think this guy has ended up being a bit of a palette cleanser and > while I’ve been yearning to paint MESBG stuff the” >

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    1. Truthfully, there are ups and downs and the process can go from fun to frustrating quickly but if it turns out well enough then it pays off in the end. Thank you for kind words as always and I look forward to getting back to MESBG hobbying and seeing your next update as well 🙂


  2. Fantastic work! Really nice blending here, especially on the robes and cloak, as well as nice soft shading on his helm, spear and base. Makes me want to get out some of my own Eldar and get them painted. …but not yet. Not until I’ve culled the neglected a lot further…

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    1. Thank you! A good Eldar sculpt is hard to resist and even though I have minimal interest in 40k, this mini was more than compelling enough to keep me busy for nearly a month. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you paint some Eldar in the future! 🙂


      1. So it’s agreed then. One Eldar Kill-team of… what? 6-8 models, all painted as individuals? To be done as palette-cleansers between LotR jobs? Ok, sounds good…

        Oh, and when did this guy get completed? If it was the end of July, he can be a Jewel of July model, if you like?

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      2. I will take it under consideration anyway 🙂 I don’t know what I would do with them as I don’t know anybody who plays Kill Teams but I’m sure they’d be fun to paint!

        I think he probably was finished in August by a day or two but he’d be perfect for July. I mean he has jewels (okay, gems) all over after all! 🙂


      3. They can be display models that you might use for a game one day if it happens – a lot of us have that sort of force, and all of Mcmatilla’s 40k stuff falls into that category. KT also lets you paint up a small group of models as individuals, which works on a few levels to keep the price small and the interest level higher.
        Just over the line is fine – I’ll add him in (when I do the post).

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      4. Cheers for including me and now I understand! That is a great idea 🙂 Modeling in Warhammer, especially 40k is more interesting because of all the different weapon combinations you have. That is one part of the hobby that MESBG doesn’t do as well so I don’t get much practice with it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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      5. Yeah, there’s a lot of scope with the Warhammer stuff, that I guess you don’t get as easily with LotR models, due to the number of parts and compatable bits. I guess you could go to town on an Orcish or Urul warlord, though!

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