MESBG Scouring of the Shire Book Review

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  1. Nice walk through of the book. It’ll be helpful for anyone contemplating buying it and making an informed choice. It does look pretty good for anyone who loves hobbits and the history of the shire. Lots of great narratives scenarios. Good luck on bringing those scenarios to the table. 😀

    On Sat, Jul 27, 2019 at 11:10 AM Battles in Middle Earth wrote:

    > Kuribo posted: “As promised, I want to take a closer look at the new > Scouring of the Shire book which I am incredibly excited about. While I’m > happy to show a few images from the book, I’m not going to give away too > much as I think everyone who is interested should go p” >

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    1. Thank you, Stew! The news article I wrote about Scouring of the Shire a little while is quite popular here on the site so I figured I had to do a review and I do hope that people choose to pick it up. It is a nice book with a lot of scenarios! These new books make the old supplements look a little thin on content, especially the meaty Gondor at War one 🙂


  2. I really like the fact that it’s so packed with scenarios and am particularly happy about the linked campaign system, like the one in Gondor at War. For some reason I just really love campaigns in games, where the outcome of a certain scenario has consequences later in the campaign. The scenarios look fun and unique too and I’m really looking forward to playing them (eventually).

    I was also disappointed by the lack of picture of the new models next to the profiles and by the fact that a lot of the impression images scattered throughout the book seem to be recycled from a decade ago. However, on the bright side: all the new models (except for Rosie) have been shown fully painted by GW on 10-05-2019. This means this book was finished and sent to the printer at that date (at the latest), meaning work on the next supplement has probably started somewhere around that time (again, at the latest). So that means the next supplement might already have 2 months work gone into it (since I believe Jay Clare is now a full-time rules writer for Middle-Earth SBG).

    It’s very clear reading your article that you are very enthusiastic about this new supplement and this setting. Personally I like the setting, but am really looking forward to a Rohan/Isengard at War supplement, with hopefully the re-release of older miniatures such as Théodred (on Foot), Sharku (on Foot), Eorl the Young, Wildmen of Dunland, Dunlendings, etc. and hopefully some new Ents (including new Ent heroes). Eventually I hope they’ll update and re-release all Journey books from LotR and The Hobbit, perhaps in one big tome (or one for The Hobbit and one for LotR). But I hope they’ll do that only after they’ve explored all the major factions (such as Rohan/Isengard and a War of the Ring-setting with Elves, Dwarves, Beornings and other Free folk), so they can incorporate all new profiles and scenarios that affect the storyline.

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    1. I’m glad to hear you feel similarly on the lack of pictures and the coolness of the campaign! I thought for sure that we were going to get a Rohan At War next before this was announced but that obviously did not prove to be the case. I personally would prefer a re-release (and updating) of the Journey books from LOTR and the Hobbit but I don’t think those books will sell as well as GW would like unless they provide content for people who want to play Points Matches. New factions like the Beornings and regions would be fantastic too. There are plenty of areas that the game has not gone (which are not in the movies), if GW can and wants to go there. I do think that the game is in a great place right now and the future is very bright which is great for us 🙂

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  3. Thanks for the review – I picked up the book myself, but it’s just gone in the pile for now. I’ll get around to it (much) Later, though the problem is that right now I’m still at the other end – painting models for the Fellowship Scenarios. Well, stalled at the Wargs due to puttying those dorsal fur tufts. bleugh. I need to get some more Vallejo putty with a nozzle applicator…

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    1. I totally understand and I was flipping through it the other day and realized that the campaign will take quite a bit of work to put together. I can’t remember if I touched upon this much in my review but the scenarios are terrain intensive with the need for plenty of trees, hobbit holes, some roads, bushes, and fences. The small mini count is offset a bit by that but in my mind, making some beautiful Shire terrain is hopefully part of the joy of playing through these scenarios so I don’t mind too much.

      Which scenario are you painting those Wargs for? The one in Fellowship of the Ring or the many scenarios in Two Towers that use them? If you would consider using minis at a slightly different scale, I would recommend the wargs from the Hobbit. They’re much better sculpts with (I would think) easier gaps to fill. They probably take longer to paint though because of the way the fur is done so that is worth keeping in mind too.


      1. The Wargs are for the Fellowship scenario, but obviously the plan then will be to use them in other scenarios going forth.
        As for the The Hobbit Wargs, I’m sure the painting wouldn’t really add much to the time – the issue is that I don’t have any of them and I do own a ton of the original style. Assembled, even. Even with the neck section puttied. Just not the back tufts.. bleugh.

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      2. There are quite a few scenarios that call for wargs so they will certainly be useful beyond that scenario. In that case, you’re better off to stick with what you’ve got and try to push through it. There are some gaps you have to smooth out with the Hobbit wargs, they’re just not particularly time consuming or annoying to take care of. I’ll be looking forward to seeing some wargs on the Bitz Box in the near future and I will appreciate the struggle and effort behind them too 🙂

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      3. It might well be the mid-future at this rate. The local(ish) hobby place doesn’t have putty with a needle-type applicator, so I might have to order from the UK. Which isn’t an issue, except I need a minimum of 50 quid for free shipping, which is AU$100, so I need a spare $100 and also another, say, $80 worth of hobby goods that I want/need to get from that same UK store…

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      4. Since it seems like a very frustrating thing to work on, maybe having to take a little break is not the worst thing in the world though I doubt knowing those gaps are lying in wait for you will give you much comfort 😉

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      5. Oh, they’re mostly on break. They’ve been mostly on break for probably close to a year, so they’re not causing stress. 😀 The putty thing is simply annoying because if it weren’t for those big gaps the models would be pretty easy to knock out and look decent, but I’m not losing sleep over it. Just that puttying is tedious, and I usually get around tedious stuff (trimming mold lines, etc) by taking things to work and doing it during lunch breaks and some meetings (where it’s actually enjoyable). Just that without a needle-type applicator, it’s harder to do at home, and pretty much off the table for doing at work!

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      6. Haha, glad to hear it! I get to work from home some and can squeeze in a little extra hobby time over lunch but I’m impressed that you bring your hobby to work. Not many people could do that! With that said, doing this kind of work during your lunch or during a meeting seems like an excellent idea as it is not really the most fun or rewarding part.

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