Roast Mutton – Hobbit SBG – Battle Report

6 thoughts on “Roast Mutton – Hobbit SBG – Battle Report”

  1. That was fun to read and great work on the campfire! In the first picture it really looks like it’s emitting light. Great to see the full Thorin’s Company in action too, they look ace!

    I can see how the conclusion of the scenario is a bit unsatisfying. Will you be playing the campaign campaign-style (e.g. outcomes affecting follow-up scenarios and/or M/W/F/W being carried over)?

    I’m looking forward to more! Hopefully you feel that all the work painting and building minis and terrain is paying off, it sure looks gorgeous on the photos!

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    1. Thanks Gero! I enjoyed taking pictures and seeing a board that came close to representing what I wanted to depict was probably my favorite part of this battle report. So the hard work definitely paid off in that regard. It would be even better if the scenario was really fun to play but honestly, I’m not too disappointed as I had low expectations and the terrain I made will be used in future scenarios.

      Yes, that is my plan! I had to double-check and a mini campaign with each scenario affecting the next is provided in AUJ Rulebook. I thought that it only told you how to carry over M/W/F/W but there are results that affect the next scenario too so that should be fun and make playing this scenario again, more enjoyable too. Thanks for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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  2. I’m actually kind of surprised that the scenario isn’t very satisfying. Seems like it has some good stuff going for it with the dwarves needing to just stay alive from the trolls until daylight. Hm. I do agree that it would probably work better on a 2×2 board. I’m sure as you go on you’ll learn the abilities of the company really well through the scenarios. I hope you still had fun playing it though. The pics are gorgeous and almost seem like movie shots. Hope that revived some of the hobby mojo. Looking forward to the next adventure. 😀

    On Mon, Sep 2, 2019 at 9:03 AM Battles in Middle Earth wrote:

    > Kuribo posted: “Thanks in part to the encouragement of you all and a > holiday weekend here in the US, I finally played my next scenario and this > time it is the first one from An Unexpected Journey! I’ve been looking > forward to playing this one for quite some time and whi” >

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    1. I think playing this scenario as a one-off game versus in a campaign could certainly be a big difference. Any dwarf deaths really hurt your chance in a campaign but when I played, three dwarves died and all that was hurt is my pride 😀 Thank you for the kind words on the pictures. I was happiest with that part of playing the scenario and I suppose that is the one positive to putting a lot of hobbying time in. You can always rest your laurels on having a nice looking board and minis if the game doesn’t go well 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see some blogging out of you soon as well!


  3. Destpite the unsatisfying conclusion (and game), it does look great, and it’s always satisfying (see what I did there?) to see your work in painting and terrain building pay off.
    As far as stables go, they seem like a useful bit of generic scenery for other games and campaigns. I could see one being useful in your eventual Hobbiton, so perhaps a simple lean-to style stable would be a good investment in time?
    Balsa wood posts, popsicle sticks/coffee stirrers for the fence-walls and the roof, and mount the whole thing on a smallish MDF square (you can get them in hardware and craft stores here as people use them for place mats and those things you put hot pots on…

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    1. Haha, I do see what you did there! A handmade stable like you described would be perfect for this board as the way the trolls kept the stolen ponies was kind of jury rigged and shoddy if I remember correctly. I will certainly have to give it some thought and I appreciate your suggestion! 🙂

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