Making Pine Trees for MESBG

8 thoughts on “Making Pine Trees for MESBG”

  1. Finally able to leave a comment. 🙃
    Good looking trees and your dedication and slower process will pay off in the longer run. I think WS makes some good tree sets but you’re right that it’s the basing that brings it all together.
    Hope your hobby malaise will improve soon. It’s hard when that sets in. For myself I usually get it when I feel like I’m not making any progress so I pick something easy to do. Or just start fresh with something new.
    Remember, I have a box of goblin town terrain with your name on it just for the asking. 😀

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    1. Thanks for letting me know the commenting problem. I had no idea!

      Thanks for the kind words on the trees as well. A lot of people put trees on simple bases and I think if you take a bit more time and effort to base the trees properly, it makes a big impact and will make whatever board you’re playing on come to life.

      I’ll discuss my hobby malaise in my next update briefly but I think it is officially over. Don’t tempt me with that terrain either 🙂 I’m holding out hope that Goblin Town fever will overtake you one of these days! 😉


  2. Yes, I also wasn’t able to leave comments. Anyway, I hope you get well soon! I would highly recommend picking up some Great Eagles, they are great models and very satisfying to have fully painted up. 🙂

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    1. My apologies for that! I thought I had just written a boring article or everyone was busy 😀 Thanks for the kind words and I will definitely pick up some eagles based on your recommendation! 🙂


  3. You’re a braver man than I, making your own trees.
    I’ve got a LotR-friendly model on the table right now that I need to glue clump foliage to, and have needed to do so since September, which really shows how much I hate doing it and how much I respect(?) the fact that you’ve managed to do so…

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    1. Possibly more of a fool of a Took than brave! I wouldn’t make this many again by hand because of the time investment. I saved money by doing so but I think buying pre-made trees would be smarter. For your clump foliage, if you have any wood glue, give that a shot instead of PVA. It really works a lot better with clump foliage (which tends to eat up PVA glue and not stick to anything right away).

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      1. They should be mostly the same but I used PVA glue that was the equivalent of “Elmer’s Glue” (not sure if they have that in Oz) and it was not good enough for trees and clump foliage. If you have hobby-strength PVA that isn’t watered down, then you’re probably good. It may just take two “gluings” to get the stuff to stick in my experience.

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