Post-Surgery Painting Renaissance

14 thoughts on “Post-Surgery Painting Renaissance”

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Toad! I probably take on more than I can chew at times but accomplishing something ambitious helps keep me motivated at the same time 🙂


  1. Further well wishes and glad that you’ve recovered enough to do some excellent painting. The Fellowship is looking great so far and the Gimli has really came out nicely. Excellent painting as usual. 😀
    Hobby indecision? Who hasn’t been there. There’s only really two ways to go about it; either go for the project that is most achievable or the one that is the most exciting. Hobby bliss is when these are one in the same.
    For what it’s worth, Amon Hen sounds awesome to me. 😀

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    1. Thanks Stew! My apologies for such a slow response. What a crazy week it has been. I really appreciate the kind words on the painting. Frodo and Gimli make me as proud of anything I have painted recently.

      I am slowly getting over my hobby malaise after a tough week but I will share a bit more on that on the site.

      Amon Hen will be an awesome project to take on. I may need a break from making trees before I can do that (so I’m already having second doubts about tackling that in the near future). I do intend to get to it eventually though! 🙂


  2. It was good to hear that your surgery went well when I first read this post (a few weeks ago – but while I was out, and on my phone, so no comment then!) The sleepy-time hobbits look great, and I may need to scratch-build something similar when I get to the models for that scenario, though I really do need to pull my finger out and get a painted Fellowship before I do any other ME stuff.
    As for goals, I guess my best advice would be to choose something and then list what you need for it. I’m (theoretically) painting the models for the FotR scenarios in (sort-of) order, and just assuming I’ll have the terrain (or close enough/figure it out later). I’d suggest doing the same – choose a scenario, or even two and then do two “streams” of hobby – one for terrain and one for models, and then work towards finishing both depending on time and mood….

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    1. If you’re going to do Fog on Barrow Downs, having something like these Hobbit minis will add some character to it I think. Don’t beat yourself up too much on LOTR stuff though either. Do it when the mood strikes unless you’re planning or wanting to game soon 🙂

      That is good advice on how to prioritize projects. I don’t seem to be able to solely focus on what is needed for a scenario unless it has a mix of minis and terrain to paint so that keeps me bouncing around on projects. I’m still a ways from being able to play anything but my motivation has been high lately and I know I’ll get there eventually which is the important thing 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words on the surgery too. I’m really glad to have that behind me!

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      1. Good to hear on the surgery mate – though I’d assumed all was well by now! I got my Gimli models out of the tub the other day and they’re now …on the desk. But it’s one step closer to me completing them at least!
        The hardest part of painting the Fellowship models for me is the number of unique sculpts I own for each member – so naturally this means I want their clothing and gear colours to be consistent, which means painting them as a batch, which is much less fun than painting a single model, so it then becomes much easier to get distracted and have them shuffled off to the side…

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      2. It was rough and I plan on never going under the knife again haha. That is fantastic news and I think you can paint the Fellowship not as a batch (I did not paint mine that way) but you don’t want to set aside too much time between minis so you forget how you painted them. I painted 1-2 then painted a couple of something else and then went back to it. That is just what works for me though and as we’ve talked about, I never have been able to batch paint and admire you for being able to do so.

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      3. Yeah it just depends on how quickly you can get them done, but for me batch painting is something that can dramatically lessen inconsitencies between finished models – especially when you take as long to paint things as I do/can in terms of gaps in the same projects. And honestly, it’s not so bad when dealing with under 5 models as opposed to 10+. I’ve got four of the little dorf all sitting together, so once I clear a couple of “groups” (I’ve got foot knights, and then I want to finish a bunch of poxwalkers ASAP) then I’m tempted to finish the Gimlis. Let’s hope I can maintain that enthusiasm long enough to actually get ’em done!


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