Ruffians and Thoughts on Goblin Town Terrain

6 thoughts on “Ruffians and Thoughts on Goblin Town Terrain”

  1. That guy’s hair cut somehow puts me in the frame of mind of some 1980s anime samurai flick. 😀
    Though he’s painted pretty good.

    I think for goblin town you just do the best that you can and not worry about it so much. It can be maddening to try to recreate it exactly and probably not even worth the loss of sanity and sleepless nights.
    Buuuut are you suuuurrree you won’t take my GT terrain? Seems like the extra pieces could come in handy for such an enormous build.

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    1. Ooh, that is a really good call, Stew! I hadn’t even thought about that.

      I agree on the Goblin Town terrain. You can’t exactly recreate what is in the movie either so not worth trying. My modeling instinct takes hold sometime and it is not easy to turn it off. Your offer is awfully tempting my friend. Let’s see after I finish this box where I stand and how much more terrain I might need 🙂

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well!


  2. The ruffian looks pretty cool, and I’ve now seen him and his ilk in action in your batrep against the good doggos. I like the variation in tones on the wooden terrain as well. Much more natural looking then the monotone wood we see all too often…

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    1. Cheers! It isn’t much extra work to drybrush the wood different colors. One of these days, I will buy some more of this terrain so I can finally play these Goblin Town scenarios. Just need to finish the box I have and paint one more box of them… Easier to say than to make happen!

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