My First and Current WIP Display Pieces

9 thoughts on “My First and Current WIP Display Pieces”

  1. Awesome work, that demon base is just perfect to go with the Knight Questor.

    Your Théoden is looking perfect as well, great work so far! I really like how you seem to make progress on hobbying every week. I have weeks where I don’t progress at all and then periods where I do a lot. A bit like a binary signal, either nothing, or a lot.


    1. Thank you, Gero! I’m glad this “blast from the past” still looks good and that Theoden is shaping up well. I wouldn’t say I plan out what I’m going to hobby in a given week but I do try to have something to show off or write about each week. I’m sure one weekend I’ll run out of stuff to say though 🙂

      In terms of hobbying, I almost always paint for an hour or two each day so that really helps me produce stuff each week too. I’m really lucky to have that as I know many people wish they could hobby more or have to wait a long time between miniatures. I hope you’re able to stay productive in the coming weeks as the colder weather lends itself well to hobbying too!

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  2. The Knight Questor looks great! I recently picked up a AoS boardgame that has a few Stormcast included as playiong pieces, so I’ll probably be using that as a starting point for a few different schemes. You’ve certainly made the bright silver armour here look really good.
    As for Theoden, it looks like you’ve now gotten some extra time to get him done. I painted the metal version a long time ago for a charity auction but still haven’t gotten back to painting one for my own collection. Your model here reminds me that I really need to get to that sometime..

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    1. Cheers, Azazel! I still have that Knight sitting on my desk and I’m proud of the work and effort I put into him still even if I’m sure I could paint him better now than I did then.

      Not to spoil future posts, but Theoden’s sword ended up not working out and so he is mostly finished and waiting for me to knock out his sword. I would highly recommend the plastic version of Theoden as the quality of the sculpt is really top-notch. One of the best you’ll find in MESBG. The version you painted for charity looks really great! I love the sculpt with Theoden’s hair flapping in the wind. Its really heroic!

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      1. Thanks mate! The new LotR hero plastics do look really nice, but I’ve managed to hold off on them given how many of the same character I tend to have still sitting unpainted. The price of them also helps my willpower as well! Once I have the metals done however, it might be a different story…


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