Into Farmer Maggot’s Crop

17 thoughts on “Into Farmer Maggot’s Crop”

      1. Yeah I keep meaning to update it, I actually have a lot of terrain built, as well as a major change to report as I move forward! I’ll leave you hanging there though.

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      2. The update is up! Didn’t keep you hanging for too long. Should be a few more updates over the coming week once I manage to get a few photos taken.

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    1. Thanks Gero and me too! I will probably be getting more terrain pieces like the scarecrow for future Scouring scenarios as I think the extra touches like that really bring the scenarios and terrain to life.

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    1. Totally agreed, Maeno. I saw a few of those type of scarecrows for sale before I found this one and I don’t think a killer scarecrow works in Middle Earth 🙂


  1. Nice scarecrow, worth the wait. I don’t know if it will work on plasticard, but if you paint the back side it might help in the warping.

    I know it is extra work for you, but you should post on the One-ring also, thanks.

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    1. I’ll give that a shot! This may be the first and last time I use plasticard for this kind of terrain otherwise.

      I still post on One Ring but I try not to monopolize the WIP forum with the stuff I’m working on. That is why I post about once a month on there. I may post a bit more frequently than I have been lately as I’ve noticed it has felt pretty dead lately which is a shame. I will most definitely post an update this upcoming weekend, hopefully with the finished terrain.


  2. Man, sorry about the warping, I hate it when that happens. But overall this is a fantastic piece of scenery and it’s really gonna look great on the table with all the miniatures fighting over it. 😀

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  3. The scenery piece looks great – too bad on the warping. 😦 It’s a dfficult issue. I’ve seen people suggest using 2 layers of box-type cardboard and gluing it so that the internal corrugations go across one another, so they try to warp against one another and end up staying flat (obviously, flatten them with a weight while the PVA is drying.) I’ve ordered some foam clay the other day from Amazon after seeing this youtube video from Luke’s APS. Might be something useful for fields as well as roads and such.

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    1. Unfortunately, warping ended up dooming that piece (and it is in a landfill somewhere) but thankfully MDF held up really well even if it was a good bit more expensive to acquire.

      Ooh, I’ll have to give that a watch. Road is something I need to build for future Shire scenarios so any good products for that definitely have my attention!

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      1. Ouch! Did you at least manage to salvage/pry off all those tufts? (or some of them, anyway!) My foam hasn’t arrived yet, and even when it does I’m reorganising my hobby “workflow” so I don’t see it getting used too quickly..

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      2. I had sealed the tufts so I had to throw them away unfortunately. I used cheaper tufts for that terrain so at least that was some solace. I watched the video and it would be a great material for roads. I really appreciate you sharing it and I am leaning towards using that for making MESBG roads which I need for more Scouring of the Shire scenarios.

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