How to Make Hedge Terrain for MESBG/LOTRSBG

11 thoughts on “How to Make Hedge Terrain for MESBG/LOTRSBG”

  1. Great step by step tutorial Kuribo! I often end up at different blogs with tutorials for all kinds of hobbying and am really thankful for all those people taking the time to share their tips and tricks with the world. The hedge came out beautifully and feels very much like something you’d see in the Shire. Those lush green fields, hedges and trees are probably what I love the most about the terrain we play this game on.

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    1. Thank you, Gero! It really is nice to give back to the hobby and share knowledge so I’ve been happy to do it. I’m glad you like how the hedges turned out as well. I wanted them to look green and full of life since that is also what I think of when it comes to The Shire. Hopefully, I’ve got a few more guides in me as I had a lot of fun writing this one.

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  2. Great job on the hedge. I imagine you’re making plenty more to pretty up the field. Nicely written tutorial as well. Though I would be surprised if 3mm MDF would warp. I got lots of stuff based on that for years and haven’t noticed any. 😀

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    1. Thank you as always, Stew! I’ve been busy making quite a few. I’ll be relieved when they’re all finished as you can probably imagine. That’s good to hear about MDF too. I take every precaution after the plasticard I used warped but you’re probably right that it isn’t needed here (especially if you keep your terrain away from water).


  3. Very nice and comprehensive guide! Usually I see a guide on making hedges to be, take a scouring pad and paint it green. Those can be nice too if one takes the time to do it right. (Look up nevinsrip hedges in the one ring) speaking of which, you should put a link to this guide in the terrain section, I’m tired of seeing my packing peanuts as the top one 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Bret. Really glad to hear that the guide came out well and I will be happy to post this on One Ring. It was definitely part of my plan, just haven’t had time to get around to it yet 🙂


  4. Kuribo, what I liked about your hedges was the playability of them. It is amazing that one should have more time now but somehow seem to have less. Sorry about the nag on the one-ring but I like to see it have more entries.

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    1. I really tried to maximize playability (and make sure these play off the crop terrain I’ve been working on) so I’m glad to hear it. I didn’t think you were nagging either. I was happy to post a link on One Ring, I actually had hoped to do it sooner but you’re exactly right, I’m home all day everyday, I don’t necessarily feel like I’ve had that much more time to hobby unfortunately for me. I’m going to try and make up for it this weekend as best I can 🙂


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