Trees for Scouring of the Shire

6 thoughts on “Trees for Scouring of the Shire”

  1. I think the trees look great. If you feel their bases are too empty you could always add bushes (such as reindeer moss) for a certain scenario or battle. However I wouldn’t glue it on, that way you have more customizability.

    I understand your interest in other skirmish wargames. I am always drawn to other board, card, miniature or video games if I’m not realistically playing any MESBG in the near future. For example because I still need to paint a lot of miniatures, create terrain or wait for better weather before I can spray paint. I think it’s a good thing to diversify, but for myself I now also try to be cautious and realistic about my feelings towards trying something new. Mostly because of the financial or time investment a new game could take.

    Though it seems that Fallout starter set would be actually quite safe to try in that regard. Anyway, while I of course like the LotR / Hobbit content, I also like Fallout and am always interested to see other miniature games. I recently bought another miniature expansion for the board game Nemesis and have been painting those minis up and really enjoyed it! Very different from LotR, but it greatly increased my pleasure in painting and it carries over now that I’m painting about 80 Morannon orcs. So I’d certainly go for it! 🙂

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    1. That is a good thought on adding some bushes “on-the-fly”. I hadn’t thought about it and it would be really easy to do!

      I’ve quickly learned that everyone is a bit tempted by other games which makes me feel better. I try to stick to video games and miniature games because I don’t think board or card games would make for interesting content on this site but I do enjoy both quite a bit and would play more if I had money, space, and time! 🙂

      The Fallout starter is pretty cheap and you can play a number of scenarios out of the box so I figure if I just buy it and nothing else, I’ll get my money’s worth out of the game. Your example with Nemesis is exactly what I’m hoping for. I would like a little more hobby “balance” or variety in my projects. I appreciate your encouragement and I imagine I’ll do an unboxing of some kind once I order and receive it!

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  2. I agree, it is tough times. I had gone out a couple of weeks ago and bought some paint and brushes at a couple of local independent hobby stores but yesterday I realized I needed a pot of paint. I’m hesitant to go to a hobby store now just for that, is the worry worth it. I’m having a hard time balancing watching the news for information and too much news.

    Anyways, back to your trees. If it was me, I would take the tuffs off. They don’t add to the base and will get in the way. Plus, I don’t think you like them and they will bother you everytime you use them. If you want to add some color to the base but not get in play-ability, you could stipple some red or yellow paint on the grass for low flowers. With what you do your figure bases, when you put the hobbits on the tree base you will be adding the color and flowers to complete the overall picture.

    Hard to tell from the pictures, but did you try using a wash and drybrushing the trunks and branches themselves? That will help break up the monotony of the trees also. Treat the trees as you would a large figure that you are painting and you will be happier with them.

    I have a hard time not digressing from LOTR, with so many different figures out there I would never get out of that rabbit hole if I went down it. I tend to go to my PlayStation when I want a break.

    As you say, enough rambling. Stay safe.

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    1. I know what you mean, Bret. I just ordered some supplies on eBay and Amazon because the local store is only easily accessible on the train and I’m trying to avoid that even if the trains are surely empty in Chicago right now. Just going to the grocery is unsettling with half of the people shopping wearing masks…

      I’ll skip the tufts then for now and probably for good on these flat pieces of terrain. I was leaning in that direction but wanted to see what others thought. Thanks for mentioning washing and drybrushing. I did the wash and not any drybrushing. I’ll see if some light drybrushing helps me feel better about the trees. I think redoing the one flocked parts will probably really help too whenever I get around to it.

      I’ve been doing some extra video gaming lately myself which has been fun but I do yearn for some actual wargaming as well. Hopefully in a couple of week’s time I’ll be ready for that again. I don’t know how effectively I can balance or juggle two games but I guess we’ll find out soon. Stay safe and keep the hobby updates coming on One Ring!


  3. I got stuck for a moment on the ‘highlight the tree’ part. It’s just something I’ve thought of.

    I think the trees look fantastic. The bases are good, not bare, and grass tuffs do sometimes get in the way. Flat bases are better for playability and I agree with Gero above that you can add bushes and logs and such to break it up if you want. The board looks great with the trees and field. Don’t fret about the flock not matching the mat.

    And trees are a great thing to plow through, since they’re generic terrain to be used in any scenario. You’ll be glad you have them.

    In truth, I don’t know any miniature gamer that sticks to just one game/ genre. I have 6 different ones and I’m probably on the low side.
    So go on! Get something else. Everybody is doing it. 😀

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    1. I appreciate your feedback on the trees! I know I’m being a bit of a perfectionist with them. I think I viewed Scouring of the Shire as being the best hobby work I’ve ever done and something I’d be extremely proud of for years to come. No pressure there, right!?

      I am really glad to have a huge chunk of trees done. I’m sure I’ll need some more down the road but not having a need to do more for a while will be quite nice.

      I appreciate your blessings to expand my horizons as well 🙂 On one hand, I like keeping a razor focus as I’ve done here on the site for a year plus now but on the other hand, it is causing some burnout so changing things up can only be a good thing.


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