Growing Confidence in the Wasteland

12 thoughts on “Growing Confidence in the Wasteland”

  1. Looking forward to your rust tutorial, I’ve found it hard to do. Regarding putting the cage on MDF or not, the bottom of it is the same height of the base of your figures so I would leave it alone. Just consider it a square base?

    Keep them coming!

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    1. I felt the same way on rust until this week. I’ll definitely plan on finding a miniature that works well for the tutorial and write it up! Thanks for the advice on the cage. I’ll leave it as is!

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  2. Great work as always! I admire the effort you put into highlighting. You have discipline in that which I lack.

    I agree with Bret, I am looking forward to a rust tutorial (for my Orcs) and I think you do not need to add a base to the cage.

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    1. Thank you for the kind words! I didn’t think about highlighting in terms of discipline but that is a great point. This actually gives me an idea for a potential article in the future so thank you for that.

      I will definitely get a guide written up on rust since there is interest in it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the cage as well. I will leave it as it is!

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    1. Thanks, John! I know what you mean on skirmish games. I used to think MESBG wasn’t that bad (because at least it is a skirmish game) but painting up 10-30 of the same kind of sculpt does get tedious after a while. Painting 5-10 is much more manageable and enjoyable or at least that is how I’m finding it 🙂

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  3. Great painting as usual. These are certainly unique figures and you’re doing a good job bringing them to life.

    That is one ominous piece of scenery there. I think that if I went anywhere and saw that cage I would immediately beat a hasty retreat. 😀

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    1. Thank you for the kind words as always! The Super Mutants are basically radiated cannibals who are about as smart as Orks in Warhammer 40k so they are not kind at all! 🙂


  4. Great work on the cage, the Super Mutant (and yes, he looks heaps better than the first one!) and the new rust techniques. Thanks for the shoutout as well!

    As for the cage’s scenic base… here’s my idea:

    Make a scenic base, but leave a slot the right size for the wooden base of the cage to drop in when needed. To fill that hole when the cage is being used elsewhere, make a (few) much smaller pieces of scatter terrain on little squares of MDF/40mm/50mm bases with scatter or objective stuff, like skulls, offal, weapons, crates, barrels, etc that you can then either drop into the larger scenic base in place of the cage – or just use whereever on the table as either terrain OR objective markers.

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    1. Thanks mate! I wouldn’t have known about the cage if not for you, so I really appreciate that 😀

      I really like your idea for the cage’s base. I think it will make it look more immersive than just plopping it down on the mat. I need to jump back in to Fallout 4 and explore some areas where the Super Mutants are to get some ideas on what else they’d have lying around a cage. That should give me the ideas and inspiration needed to make a base that would look at home in a Super Mutant base 🙂 Thanks as always for your input. It is very valuable!

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