Saruman’s Dirty Dozen

14 thoughts on “Saruman’s Dirty Dozen”

  1. Great stuff as usual mate! Good advice about keeping the terrain playable where possible. It is a mistake that I have made a couple of times where I got too carried away with a piece.

    I wish GW would get into multi-part, multi-pose plastics for Middle Earth minis. My wife is not so fussed about it but I prefer to avoid having to do repeats of the same mini.

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      1. Thanks for the shout out Kuribo! It was a lesson hard earned on my part that I still get carried away sometimes and go more for the scenic vs playability.

        Great job on your ruffians and if you are interested in having a bakers dozen, I had a ruffian bowman gifted to me that I will probably never use that you can have.

        Will second grumpy gnome’s wish for multi part sbg figures and would add that I wish they would release a statue/ruin set also.

        Keep up your great painting and pushing yourself on new techniques!

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      2. You’re very welcome! I feel like I’ve learned that lesson the hard way myself so I can relate.

        Thank you for the kind words on the ruffians as well. I’ll try and drop you a line on OR about the extra ruffian. I would third Grumpy Gnome’s wish. It would make painting various troops much better. Unfortunately, my opinion is that GW is content to squeeze as much money as they can out of existing molds and they will probably only do new character models for the foreseeable future. I would really like to see them step up their terrain offerings as that is one of the biggest obstacles to getting into MESBG. Most of the terrain has to be built from scratch which is a bridge too far for many people I fear. Thanks as always for dropping by and I look forward to seeing more of your projects on OR!


  2. Great job on the ruffians. They look like a mean bunch of heartless cutthroats. It’s a law of miniature gaming that the pose you like the least will be the one most repeated.

    Great job on the terrain piece as well. Looks to be a nice balance between playability and aesthetics. And should be able to pull double duty in Fallout and Lotr. πŸ˜€

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    1. I couldn’t agree more on the law part. It is especially seems true with anything GW released in metal. That is excellent point about the terrain. I could probably use it for Harad or something along those lines. I hadn’t even thought of it, so thank you for the suggestion πŸ™‚

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  3. Nice work on these guys, and also on the terrain. Keeping it playable is in my opinion even more important than making it look good, and while both is best, sometimes keeping off some of the little deco that would make a terrain piece look even better is preferable if it keeps the thing more playable for the models.

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