Super Mutants, Survivors, and a Campsite

16 thoughts on “Super Mutants, Survivors, and a Campsite”

  1. That is a nice campsite. I don’t know if it is the sculpts, but the human characters seem to all have a quizzical look to their faces, which only makes sense with what they are encountering.

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    1. Thanks Bret and you make a good point on the expressions! That particular miniature who is at the campsite looks especially quizzical (and possibly a bit clueless). I wonder if I painted eyebrows on him if it would help or hurt with the expression. It was an accidental omission on my part. I’ll be monitoring the miniatures’ expressions as I paint because I have some more human minis in my queue.


  2. Very nicely done on the figures, the weathered mutants look excellent. I’m not familiar with Modiphius figures or the moulding problem you refer to but the end result looks very nice indeed so the effort you put in looks worthwhile. The campsite is a good addition too. On the storage system I purchased some great stuff at Salute last year from a company in the UK – – there system is similar by the look of it and they do bespoke trays as well which is handy.

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    1. Thank you, TIM! 🙂 I think the molding issue is a resin problem specifically but I don’t know what causes it exactly. I’ve heard of KR Multicase and while their website is a bit outdated in its design, the foam trays look to be high quality. Glad to hear that you had success with their products as well!

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  3. Great stuff all round but I especially like the look of that super mutant, very grungy and gnarly. I’ve not played as much Fallout (the computer game) as I’d like to but I always liked the look of those guys. That campsite is cool too – the dropped torch tells its own story..!

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    1. Thanks for the kind words, Wudugast. I’ve always been a really neat painter so to hear the super mutants are grungy and gnarly is awesome to hear 🙂 The Fallout aesthetic lines up pretty well with yours in 40k and Necromunda I would say and the games are pretty fun to play if you’ve got some time to kill.

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  4. All the painting looks great. You’re really progressing on the fallout project. The campsite is great balance between playability and aesthetics. Even if it sits on the edges it all adds to the visual appeal. 😀
    Glad you solved the storage issue…for now.
    I’ve noticed the changes to the website. It all looks fine to me and as long as you’re happy.

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    1. Thanks as always, Stew! Some of those minis were initially painted a week or more ago and were waiting for varnishing and weathering so it looks like I’ve been more productive than I really have been.

      You are absolutely right that I will develop more storage issues and I’m waiting for coronavirus to ease before I start getting rid of stuff and clearing out room for larger terrain. Its looking like that is going to take a while unfortunately.

      Thanks for your feedback on the site. The changes aren’t too radical but when I switch to the new URL, it may make it a little harder for you to find the site at least initially. I’m honestly not sure. We will find out together soon enough! 🙂


  5. Great work on the models once again, and the tent-camp piece looks the business! Pieces like that will allow you to create a visual narrative with your terrain setups that often won’t have anything to do with the actual battle – it’s the environmental storytelling that various Fallout (and Outer Worlds!) devs have been so good at over the years – but on your wargaming table!

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    1. Cheers, mate! I’m really glad to hear you like this piece of terrain as I wanted to do exactly what you describe. I am a bit annoyed because I think Mantic has recently released their camp terrain for Terrain Crate that would probably make for something even better than this. Perhaps one of these days, I’ll make a second camp or just decide to replace the one I have 🙂

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