Fort Davis – Fallout Battle Report

16 thoughts on “Fort Davis – Fallout Battle Report”

  1. That is quite a battle report! I can see how using an app to keep track of all the items would help. By all means, try a battle report using AI to see how it helps the mental gymnastics of doing both sides but still remains enjoyable to play.
    I would think that it would be a different game if the survivors kept together and used their firepower but I see how using the tactics you used in the game could also work depending on the mutants response.
    Keep them coming!

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    1. Thanks, Bret! Since there has been interest in the AI mode, I think I will give that a shot very soon and see how that goes.

      I was thinking about how the Survivors should have played this scenario and I think gathering items together and blasting any super mutants in sight would probably give them a good chance of winning. I think that is likely how I would try and play it whenever I play this one again.

      Thanks again for the support and I’ll be counting the days until the next game 🙂


    1. Cheers, John! 🙂 That is great to hear. I think I have an idea for a shorter report down the road if I want to go that route but for now, I’ll keep it as is since the format seems to be well-received.

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    1. Thanks, mate! I plan on trying some of the AI scenarios soon. I want to try and keep playing tutorial scenarios as they incorporate the rules (I’m playing with probably 60% of the rules at this point) but as soon as I feel ready, I’ll give the AI a shot! I am looking forward to it as a matter of fact 🙂

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  2. Great work – I’m really tempted to go back and replay the tutorial scenarios again now. And thanks again for the shout out for the app. I hope the prebuilt scenario forces in the app helped. When you get to trying out the AI, the app will definitely help you there, too. Looking forward to the next report!

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    1. Thank you sir! The tutorial scenarios seem pretty replayable and I expect to play them again in the future so I know exactly what you mean. You’re very welcome and having the scenario ready to go in the app was great. I wouldn’t mind seeing more scenarios prebuilt when you get around to making those updates. I also look forward to seeing how the app helps with AI and I wouldn’t be surprised if I start buying the cards in the app in the near future as I can’t see myself playing without the app at this point. That is credit to your hard work I’d say!

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    1. Cheers, mate! I consider that a real compliment if you enjoyed this one. If you like Fallout or post-apocalyptic gaming, this system seems like a great one. I find the rules really fun and it is starting to look like I’m having more fun playing this game than I did with MESBG even which surprises me to say. I wouldn’t dare encourage you to add more to your backlog but a starter set, which isn’t very expensive, is all you need to get started even if it comes with somewhat inferior PVC plastic minis 🙂

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  3. Very nice report and the table looks great and the miniatures. I agree that a few more pieces of terrain are probably in order. Skirmish games with such a small figure count almost need x2 or x3 the terrain items.
    But the read as fun and glad the hero didn’t end of unconscious this time around. And mutants don’t really deserve names…😀
    However, I did pause in my ready when the dogs searched the loot markers… just didn’t seem like something an animal would do. Would of thought only the humanoids would be able to.

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    1. Thanks Stew! I couldn’t agree more on the terrain. I was not happy with myself when I realized I had procrastinated on terrain and set myself up to be disappointed. I’m going to try and do better between now and the next battle report though I doubt I’ll get more than a couple of new pieces done since it is a month from now.

      Haha, Jeff got a little wiser thankfully and is definitely lucky to still be alive in my book 🙂

      I did the same thing when I realized that the dogs on both sides would be looting and carrying stuff around. You can give stuff to your animal companions to hold in the video games but even giving them a gun like a pistol to hold seems far-fetched to me. I think a dog could help you sniff out or find something but you’d have to get it out and carry it from there. That is the only thing about this scenario that I can fault as it certainly requires several logical leaps. While it is somewhat accurate to the video games, even then, I think you have to suspend your disbelief a bit 🙂

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  4. Awesome stuff! Sounds like a really fun scenario. It made me excited to play this game myself. I haven’t really hobbied for some time now, but I might set this right during the upcoming Christmas break.

    It’s always tricky to balance how much to write out in a battle report. But I feel here it was necessary to write as much in order to follow how the game went on. I enjoyed reading it. Keep it coming 🙂 And I’m curious to know how playing with AI from an app decreases the mental work required for playing solo.

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    1. Really glad to hear it inspired you! Battle reports do take a long time to create so it really is nice to hear that others enjoy them. I’ll be really curious to see what you get up to in Dec 🙂

      I agree with the level of detail. I try to focus mostly on what happens and while I explain rules here and there, I try not to get too in-depth on them at the same time to hopefully keep things moving. I think I might be able to create a more concise report for when I replay a scenario or just don’t have time to write it all up but that is something I will experiment with down the road!

      In terms of the AI, it will dictate the actions of one of the two sides so instead of having to think and strategize for both sides as we usually do when we play solo, one side basically plays itself. You just roll a die and follow the results as far as I can tell which sounds like it could be less taxing. I won’t know until I try though I will certainly share the results when I do get a chance to play with the AI.


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