Water Treatment Plant – Fallout Battle Report

12 thoughts on “Water Treatment Plant – Fallout Battle Report”

  1. As always fun to read! Your painting looks even better when the pieces come together like this. The table is sparse for now but I look forward to seeing your collection of post-apoc terrain grow and further bring the wasteland to life, if you can pardon that turn of phrase!

    I hope you have a Merry Winter Holiday and Happy New Year!

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    1. Thanks for the kind words and I’m glad to hear you say that the minis look good as I get really excited for the “live” game shots too 🙂 I will be even more excited when I get the terrain collection fleshed out more but I’m going to make that one of my bigger priorities in 2021 🙂


    1. I’m really glad to hear it and one thing I like about Fallout is that it seems to be designed to play solo or cooperatively though you can certainly play the typical 1 v. 1 way too if you like. Personally, I hope that other wargames will adopt this kind of model in the future.

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  2. Very nice battle report and it was a fun read. Glad that you are enjoying your games of fallout and the tutorial scenarios are delivering good experiences. 😀

    Don’t come down too hard on yourself for the lack of terrain so far, cus what you have looks fantastic! Skirmish games like these have such high terrain demands that it can be some time before one has enough.

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    1. Thanks for giving it a read and I’m really happy too. It seems like I made a good decision to focus on this game 🙂

      You’re right on the terrain. It takes a lot of time and I usually need to balance working on terrain by painting miniatures soon afterwards since I enjoy painting more. But having said that, I think I’m more annoyed that I didn’t prioritize terrain a bit more. I painted Fallout stuff that I didn’t need for gaming yet and the battle reports are suffering just a bit as a result. Having said that, I have been fired up to work on terrain and am making good progress so this week so maybe it is all working out as it should!


    1. It was a lot of fun and so far, I’m finding all of the Fallout scenarios to be well-designed. I hadn’t thought about quick actions being like V.A.T.S. somehow and you’re absolutely right! Quick actions represent that well. There are still some special rules like critical hits and limb damage to learn too so I’m hoping that the Fallout experience comes to life even more with those added to the mix 🙂

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