Starting on Drazhar the Dark Eldar

21 thoughts on “Starting on Drazhar the Dark Eldar”

  1. Exciting stuff! The colour scheme and base look great! The purple vines and skull(s) really accentuates that dark alien world vibe you are going for and seem to fit with your thematic description of the Eldar.

    While I am generally not personally a big fan of the Warhammer aesthetic, miniatures like the bottom one pictured always make me drool a little bit. It looks like a fantastic model and certainly worthy of display after painting it. I once bought a large Nagash miniature because of how impressive the miniature looked. I did sell it eventually though, before I got around to assembling or painting it. I decided I had too much of a painting backlog already before adding another whole gaming system.

    In my dreams, GW will make miniatures of that size and magnitude for MESBG as well, such as Morgoth or Balrogs of the First Age. But that will likely never happen due to licensing restrictions. Although who knows, maybe the Tolkien Estate will change their mind about it some day. That would be pretty incredible!

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    1. I’m really glad to hear my ideas are coming across well πŸ™‚ I know what you mean about Warhammer. I like some of the models a lot but there are plenty others that do nothing for me. I’d struggle to paint up an army in 40k or AoS because almost every range has some models that just don’t do it for me. I’m impressed you bought Nagash! That is a large and time-consuming model to paint up.

      A lot of the MESBG models that are larger are showing their age now too. I’d love to see a new and improved Balrog or Ringwraith. Seeing some other big models like you mentioned would be amazing as well. Treebeard is a step in the right direction so maybe we’ll get some more of that, especially considering GW’s obsession with larger models in Warhammer!

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  2. I second gerowniko’s wish that GW would focus their fantastic figures they do for Warhammer in the MESBG world. Of course if they did, I would probably do what you did and accidentally cut off parts that are actually part of the model. I speak of experience there, cutting off what I thought was flash or part of the sprue – whoops.

    I like the red you are doing – very striking! I actually like the base they did, just wish that every base that GW does for non-MESBG didn’t have skulls on them.

    Will have to look at Cursed City again, just gave it a cursory glance before. I do remember I liked that figure also.

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    1. The models that GW makes now can be quite complicated and have a lot of pieces on them that can break so I blame them and not us! Even the newer Theoden had a few weak plastic pieces like the reins come to think of it.

      Thanks for the kind words and actually, you can blame me for the skulls, I added them to symbolize the victims of the Dark Eldar’s cruelty. I kind of admire the grim style of Warhammer and so I tend to embrace that when I paint and base them.

      There isn’t a lot of info on Cursed City yet unfortunately but I’m hoping they show us more and that it looks as good as the first couple minis do!

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    1. Thanks as always for your support, mate πŸ™‚ Truthfully, the larger minis that GW has made for Warhammer are often beautiful but the prices are no joke as well so I know exactly where you’re coming from there!


  3. Great start on the figure and I am a big fan of red, such a great colour to paint with. No harm in planning ahead with new projects, I suspect most of us do it all the time, I know I do. My only problem is I have 40 years worth of projects lined up but not that long to live!

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    1. Really glad to hear you like it so far and you’re spot on with red being a great color as well. I have very few projects planned out (or even purchased ahead of starting them) so I’ve got some catching up to do! πŸ˜‰

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  4. That’s looking excellent mate, that red is really, really nice! I must admit I wasn’t a fan of the model for Drazhar when I first saw it but the more I see other people painting him the more he grows on me. I’m not too keen on the new Lelith Hesperax either but part of me hopes she might turn out to be similar and I’ll grow to like her more once I see other people tackle her.

    Cursed City looks amazing though doesn’t it, if the rest of the models are anywhere close to the quality of the two we’ve seen I’m going to be very excited about that one indeed!

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    1. Thanks mate! Other than being fragile, I’m pretty impressed with Drazhar thus far. I think for me, the old Lelith was quite nice and while I appreciate they made the new one a little less sexy (which is totally fine in my book), her face looks kind of ugly on the new sculpt (or at least the way they painted it is) and I feel like the overall design on her is very similar so I don’t know why they’re making a new one exactly. I’m not very knowledgeable on Dark Eldar but it seems like a different character could have been redone or a new one could have come out but oh well. Anything new for Dark Eldar is good with me πŸ™‚

      Its good to see that Cursed City has a lot of people excited. I hope we’ll see more classic fantasy releases like it appears to be from GW in the future! πŸ˜€

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  5. Aahhh, dark Eldar. I don’t know the character but what I do know is that when GW made them up someone said β€œwouldn’t it be cool if they looked like eeevil grasshoppers but with whips and METAL!” And high fives were slapped all around. πŸ˜€. And now whenever I see them I think of A Bugs Life.

    Still, your making good progress on the miniature and it’s gonna look great in the end. I don’t like a lot of GW aesthetic but they Always produce a fine miniature (except fir the fine cast ones).

    To me, that last model of the throne is utterly ridiculous as a playing piece but simply fantastic for someone who likes to paint. If I owned it I would have to pay someone else to paint it bc I couldn’t do it right. Big miniatures like that simply aren’t playable. I was watching an LoTR event on YouTube once where the guy had a Balrog all looking fantastic but it mostly sat at the edge of the table while the player used a base the same size in the actual game.

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    1. Its funny you mention the bugs and whips with Drazhar because the old version of him/her is very bug-like which I found after Googling for painting ideas. This one will look a less bug-like when done, I think but I’ll let you be the final judge πŸ™‚ And thanks for the kind words as well on the painting!

      I agree. I’m sure the Coven Throne looks awesome on the table but there are a lot of little pieces that could break off while playing. Honestly, painting it is a bit intimidating consider how it all goes together and that it is so much bigger than the typical models in wargaming. I had no idea people did that with their big centerpiece models but I would do the same if that helped keep them safe. There is nothing worse than seeing a piece has broken off your fully painted miniature as repairing that kind of thing is not easy or at least not for me.

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  6. A great pair of minis, and It’s really weird to me to hear the Coven Throne described as a pretty old miniature. I’m looking forward to what you’ll do with it once you get going, though!

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    1. Ha, Coven Throne isn’t old in terms of your collection but some of us don’t have 20-30 year old miniatures kicking around! I got into the hobby in the early 2000’s and don’t really have much of what I painted from back then anymore and what I do have, I don’t really cherish to be honest. I meant more that I think the Coven Throne sculpt could be retired from production about any time since it is getting to be ten years old. I do wonder with Death looking like they’re getting an overhaul if that may happen sooner than later, in fact…

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