Are you sick of Drazhar yet?

26 thoughts on “Are you sick of Drazhar yet?”

  1. Fantastic mate and I for one am definitely not getting sick of the updates. I find it fascinating and inspirational that you spend so much time getting things just right. The time and effort really shows too. The blades look very cool and I too like the blue hairy thing on his back. It’s a nice little contrast. When it comes to following and commenting on others work I just do what I can when I can. I like what I like and comment on what I like regardless of if they do the same for me. It’s definitely hard to find the time sometimes to catch up on everyone’s blogs but for me it’s just as fun as writing my own posts. I thoroughly enjoy the interactions with other bloggers and in all honesty that’s the main thing in here for. Put it this way, if I lost all interest in creating and painting for myself(which will never ever happen), I’d still read blogs and look at what they’ve achieved.

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    1. I’m glad to hear they haven’t been boring to watch. I think you can definitely be involved in one thing so long that you get sick of it and lose perspective on it so it helps to hear outside opinions.

      I enjoy the content others post a lot too and I can’t imagine not interacting with at least some people whose work I enjoy. I have generally stuck to commenting on whoever comments on my work but if that becomes too much, I think I’d go with your approach and try not to sweat it if I miss a post occasionally. Thanks for sharing your perspective, mate 🙂

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  2. Draz is looking pretty sweet at this point. Nice colour selections and composition with the pale blue elements against the darker red, black and bone.

    As for keeping up, you’ve hit on a really solid point. As you may have noticed, I’ve not been good at keeping up on people’s blogs for a good year or more at this point. In fact, I’m not even good at keeping up on my own comments, and more recently, updating my own blog – which I’ve been doing in fits and starts.
    When I do catch up on other people’s blogs, I do some combination (or either/or) of the most recent posts in my reader, or finding which ones I have email alerts from (like this one, today) and then in both cases I’ll often try to work backwards from that point and catch up on a bunch of posts from 1-3 people that happen to be the ones that I landed on in any given “catch-up” session.
    The trouble is that it takes just SO much time, as you’ve also found. And it really is a zero-sum game – time spent browsing people’s posts is easy. Leaving comments is much harder and more time consuming. And time spent this way is of course, time *not* spent painting, writing our own posts, or gaming (ok, mostly video gaming at this point in the world’s timeline, but you get it…)

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    1. Cheers, mate. Glad you approve of Draz 🙂

      You have more commenters and followers than I do so I can totally understand why you can’t follow and comment on everyone’s progress as you’d like. I could see myself getting to that point one day too. I don’t like the thought of treating people unequally but maybe there is a way of doing that which will work for me or maybe I just have to accept that I can’t comment on everything that I would like to. Either way, this is good food for thought 🙂

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      1. Thanks mate. I did (a couple of years ago) entirely stop commenting on the blogs of people who never bother to comment – and did the same with those who never even bother to like. Made things a little easier for a time…

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      2. I pretty much made that my rule when I started for the exact reasons you described. I figure that if people can’t be bothered to do either then there is no reason for me to do the same. I think you and I have talked about it before, there are plenty of people fishing for likes and follows (thankfully they’re outside of our hobby as well) and I don’t have time for any of that nonsense and I bet you don’t either 🙂


  3. The Drazhar is looking great, and speaking for myself I am not sick of these step-by-step updates.

    On blogging, sometimes you do just get too busy with other things to stop by other blogs as much as you might like. If I’m busy I tend to prioritise by 1. replying to comments on my blog, 2. liking other people’s blog posts, and 3. commenting on other people’s blog posts. I think most of my comments go up at the week-end since that’s when I have the most time.

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    1. Thanks, Dave and really glad to hear that the consensus is the WIP posts are not boring or tiresome.

      That is a good way to prioritize content as well. It is interesting to hear how others view these things and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts!

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  4. Your painting skill, patience and discipline amazes me mate. Brilliant work, not boring and the updates are interesting.

    It is enjoyable reading your thoughts and you often make excellent points… like your thoughts on time management.

    I know my blog posts can be lengthy at times and I always appreciate your comments but I totally understand if it becomes a chore to follow it. Your comments help motivate me but I would not want them to eat into your painting time!

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    1. Cheers, mate. That means a lot coming from someone who doesn’t really care for Warhammer all that much!

      In regards to time management, it is definitely something worth thinking about from time to time to make sure you’re spending your time effectively and getting the most enjoyment from the hobby as you can. For me, I’m not willing to spend more time than I currently do commenting on others’ work because I need to protect my own hobby time but I don’t foresee any trouble following the work of hobbyists whose work I enjoy and already comment regularly upon. Your blog posts’ length are not an issue for me as I have often have plenty I want to say about them. I may end up spending a bit longer writing those comments but I don’t mind that and I think if you want to receive thoughtful comments, you need to leave them so I’m sure that is also why it doesn’t bother me. Keep doing what you’re doing as long as it is fun and working for you in other words 🙂


  5. Well first up great work on the mini and I’ve always been a fan of WIP posts so I for one am far from being bored. Some projects as you know take an age and on a personal level I like to chart my progress and use it as an audit trail. If I have forgotten how I did something, which happens more and more these days with age, then I can look back.

    As to the blog I’m now fortunate to be retired and as I’m not followed by hundreds of people like some the challenge of keeping up isn’t too bad. I tend to exchange comments with a limited number of people where the common interest is greater but if I see something which is not typically for me but is great then I will often comment then too. Where I can offer help or offer an answer to a bloggers question then I will always try to do that too. People taking such trouble have helped me over the years so if I can help someone then it feels only right to do so. All of that said if I still worked and had young kids I would have to strike a much better balance than I have to now. 🙂

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    1. I do remember that you’re a fan of WIP posts and it seems like the consensus is that nobody minds. I would be surprised if someone spoke vehemently against them but you never know! I agree that it is nice to have an audit of your work to look back on, especially if you paint something and later get rid of it. At least you have the photos to remind you.

      That is an excellent point about offering help to others. I like to do that when I can as well and I’ve gotten plenty of great advice in this way and it is useful for all of us to have a group of people we know we can count on for feedback as well. I try to achieve a balance with everything in life and I am lucky to not have children so that I can do a lot of what I enjoy 🙂 Maybe one day that will change but I will just have to manage my time as well as I can in the meantime, it sounds like.

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  6. All looking good, Jeff! 🙂 I quite enjoy reading WIP posts even though I don’t tend to do them myself. As far as blogs go, I’ll always read posts and like them, but I don’t always comment (either because I sometimes find I get short of time, or I can’t really add anything to comments that are already there or I’m sometimes just feeling plain grumpy). If someone comments on my blog, I’ll always try and leave a reply (although the odd comment seems to slip through the net)!

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    1. Cheers, John. I can’t imagine you being in a grumpy mood but it does happen to all of us 🙂 It sounds like we think similarly on reciprocity with comments which doesn’t surprise me too much! I always find something interesting about what you’re doing in the hobby and it shows me a different side of it which I really appreciate.

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  7. I have enjoyed this WIP series, even though I have no illusion of painting the newer GW models. Often I wish I took more step-by-step pictures, but I find little time to actually blog even without the “distractions” of having a job to go to these days. I think we all fall into that burnout blogging stage at some point.

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    1. Thanks, Eric! With all of the projects you have going, I can totally understand not having time to keep up with painting newer GW models as well.

      It is definitely extra work to take pictures as you paint or to update our websites so I totally understand that. I enjoy a lot of the process so that helps me avoid some of the burnout that others experience but it is nice to take a break from it from time to time as well.

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  8. Not boring at all mate – I wouldn’t have the patience to paint the same model for a month but I can certainly watch someone else do it! Once again he’s looking exquisite, I really like the lettering on the blades.

    I know what you mean about finding the time to follow other blogs, often the last thing I want to do is sit down in front of the computer or stare into my phone. Plus sometimes it’s a choice between reading about other people’s work or getting the chance to paint myself. That said I only follow hobbyists through blogs these days, other social media is just a pit and forums are not what they once were. With blogs I too find there’s a degree of reciprocity, I want to comment on people who comment on me, but – and I hope this doesn’t make me sound like an arrogant tit – for me it’s not a quid pro quo. Just because someone comments on me I don’t feel I owe it to them to comment back – especially because I get a lot of comments from people who don’t have blogs I can comment on. I guess what I’m saying is; I’m commenting on your work because I think it’s cool, not just because you comment on me, and just because I’ve left this comment I don’t expect you to comment on my stuff (although if you don’t I’ll cry, so you’ll have that on your conscience..!) 😉

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    1. Thank you and that lettering was more of a pain to paint than I anticipated so I’m glad you like it.

      I don’t think you sound arrogant at all! I also completely agree that social media is not a great place to get meaningful feedback. I’ve certainly learned that with both Facebook and Instagram. That is a good point about actually liking what somebody posted. Funnily enough, I hadn’t thought about it too much in that way. I studied Creative Writing and there is a rule that everyone has to give feedback and of course, you receive it from everyone too. I think that guides my own rule for this website that I try to return comments to those who leave them for me. I almost mentioned it this article and perhaps I should have, in hindsight. Its funny how experiences like that can really color your outlook on something seemingly unrelated. Also, I suppose I’ll continue to comment on your work, though writing 50 posts in February was really pushing your luck! 😉

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    1. Really glad to hear it! As I mentioned to Wudugast, the letters are a real pain to paint. I actually wasn’t sure if the glow came across all that well so it is nice to hear that it stood out to you as well. Hopefully that means I’m on the right track with Drazhar 🙂


  9. OMG I’m sooo sick of this guy! What IS that thing coming off his back anyway? Where’s his head already??!! Lololol. 😀
    But seriously no. I can’t imagine taking a month for one figure but I certainly do not paint nor tackle models as detailed as you do. And I really like the way the blades have come out; the curvature of the sword is enhanced by what you have done. If you made a painting video, I would watch it. But don’t post him again without a head. 😀

    For myself, comments are what makes blogging worthwhile. If no one commented I’d feel too much like I was yelling into a void and stop blogging. I’ve only been doing it for a few years but I’m very happy with the size of my online community and hope it grows further. The time commitment to writing comments is a factor though, and no one has enough free time to comment on everything. That’s why I focus on creating little circles of mutual support. You comment on mine, I’ll comment on yours. It’s easy for me bc I have an interest in almost all things wargaming so what a post is about doesn’t matter too much. I’m more concerned with positivity and attitude.

    When I come across a new blog I’ll usually leave a few comments and see what happens. If they never reply to comments (I’d accept even a simple thanks you) I stop doing it altogether bc I think that’s just rude. If they don’t comment on my blog I’ll still follow along but I’ll default to only leaving a comment when something is really interesting. Sometimes the person and I get into a pattern like we have of ‘mutual support’ and comment on every post. Those are the best and become online friendships that I really enjoy.

    These days if I see the same people commenting on the same blogs that I am consistently, it makes me want to go check out their stuff because they seem to be like minded.

    But time is a factor. But I don’t feel pressured to respond in the first day of a post but I’m so glued to my phone it’s usually not too big a deal. I have more I could say but I am out of time. I got to go feed a baby. 😃

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    1. Haha, I remember with the space marine that I painted a while back that his lack of head for the majority of the project was very upsetting to you back then 🙂 I bet you’ll understand why I didn’t attach the head soon! And while I’m sure I could share a few tricks, I have zero desire to ever appear on camera and I also know nothing about taking or editing video so it isn’t too likely. I doubt I would stand out on Youtube as my dry and sarcastic humor wouldn’t make for good content, I don’t think.

      The way you handle commenting makes a lot of sense. I’m always impressed that you keep up with commenting considering everything you have going on in your life. I don’t know how you do it! Personally, I think it is flattering that you make time with a new baby and a family to stop by and leave a comment!

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  10. Those swords are mesmerizingly good-looking! I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of the contrast taking me to the hairy bits, but the comic-book feel, in a good way, understand it might have taken you to it. When I grow up, I want to have such butter-smooth transitions too! Clearly a labour of love and patience!
    And… I for one, appreciate the time it has taken you to look at my humble stuff, like and even comment! Never taken others people attention, even less appreciation for granted, (makes me question my own selfish approach to blogging, based on my own output) So thanks!
    I therefore relieve you of the duty to comment back, and really looking forward to the the head that goes on top of that!

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    1. Cheers! I’ll be curious to see how you feel about the hairy bits when it is all done. I think they won’t be quite as noticeable when that happens but we’ll see. I thought about painting the cloth surfaces in that bright blue color but I’m glad I didn’t as I think that would have been distracting.

      You’re welcome! I enjoy seeing what you’re working on and I appreciate your painting style which is different than my own. I always look and read about what you’re up to and I will certainly try to chip in with comments when I have time 🙂

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  11. The blades look really awesome! And he looks great overall so far. I understand time constraints about not commenting. I don’t always comment, because that does take more time. But I do like to read all your content and it is actually something I look forward to every week. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 There is no doubt that commenting takes up time and you should do it in moderation but on the flip side, you can get some great feedback and advice so I think it is worthwhile. It helps when you find others like yourself who create great content in their hobby 🙂

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