Embarking on an Elven Journey

23 thoughts on “Embarking on an Elven Journey”

    1. I’d be curious to hear what you think of it! Thank you! I have a feeling that we’re still a couple weeks out so I will try to enjoy hobbying as much as I can in the meantime 😀

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    1. I hope you enjoy Daredevil if you check it out, John! I’ve been following the assembly instructions and the elk’s head is supposed to go on nearly last which I don’t understand. I wouldn’t be surprised if I attach it soon because I want to paint all the fur and then move on to other parts. I fear I may forget how I painted the fur if I don’t do that that 🙂

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  1. Hope the move goes smoothly for you Jeff. The Elk fur is looking great, you may need to add more once you’ve done the armour as the surrounding colours can often make it look toned down.
    Have watched all the Netflix Marvel series, and enjoyed them all, with their nods to the comics.

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    1. Thanks, Dave! It will be interesting to see what I think of the fur once I paint some of the other parts. I had picked out a different color and even started using it but a painting friend recommended the shade of brown that I’m using. My friend has good judgement so I’m trusting the process!

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  2. Lots of changes = lots of stress. We’ve all been through it, and it will pass for you. The elk fur looks good, I’m sure looking forward to seeing your progress on it. My second Pfizer definitely knocked me for a loop too, so I feel ya.

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    1. Totally agree Mark and I’m sorry to hear you had a similar experience with Pfizer. I suppose it could have been worse but the day after my shot felt like a lost day where I wasn’t able to do much. Thanks for the kind words on the painting. I’m excited to make more progress on this project as well!


  3. A good start on what I am sure will be a great display piece mate.

    As for Daredevil, I have seen a couple of episodes but never sat down to watch it all from the start. I think Mrs. GG will need to do that at some point. Hearing your thoughts on it makes it much more appealing. I hope we get to hear more of your thoughts on such things in the future!

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    1. Thanks, mate! I certainly hope so.

      Daredevil is as good as the best shows on HBO in my opinion. They’re complex and cerebral but also unique. I don’t think all of the Netflix Marvel shows turned out nearly as well but Daredevil is worth giving a chance to.

      I don’t watch much TV because I’m usually painting or playing video games but I’m running out of PS4 games I want to play and not ready to buy another console so I resubscribed to Disney Plus and am going to watch Wandavision. I’ll let you know how I get on with that in the near future! 🙂


  4. I really have no idea what you are painting. But don’t tell me now, I’ll just savor the anticipation of not knowing. I’m assuming it’s some massive GW kit. 😀

    I have not checked out Daredevil. I always thought he was kinda a lame superhero. Like he’s blind but not really blind is just lazy writing to me.
    Have you seen ‘ The Boys’ on Amazon? That’s a fun mature take on superheroes.

    Be sure to pack your hobby supplies last.

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    1. It will probably be more interesting if you watch this one come together. There will be some surprises that way!

      Kinda lame? I’m not sure I can keep following your blog anymore 😉 Daredevil on Netflix is a mature take on the hero and on superheroes in general. I think if you like The Boys then you’d probably enjoy it. Maybe even more than you think!

      I’ve got at least this week to paint some more which is good. I packed my hobby stuff last when I moved to Chicago and it annoyed my fiancée back then. I doubt I’ll do anything differently this time either 😀


  5. The elk looks great so far, the fur is really well done. I had the same reaction to my second vaccination as you; I was OK for a few hours, then felt like crap and ended up going to bed at 7pm and sleeping through till 6am. Still, I’m happy to be vaccinated and have a new appreciation of our Lord and Saviour Bill Gates.

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    1. Cheers, Matt! I’m sorry to hear you got knocked out like I did but I’m right there with you that I’m glad to have been vaccinated. Maybe life will start to get back to normal soon now too. That would be nice!


  6. I think the fur texture comes across nicely. So the armour pieces are not attached yet ir how will you prime them? Looks like it has great potential in any case.

    Daredevil was indeed a really good watch. I think they made Kingpin quite three-dimensional. Even sympathetic to some extent.

    I can recommend Cobra Kai. It is such a good show. The writers are on fire. You think they go down a clichéd route, but then they resolve it in a sensible way. Pair that with great music and nostalgia and you have a very entertaining show.

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    1. Cheers! I’m not priming anything before I paint it with this project. I wouldn’t dare do that with resin or metal but GW plastics are pretty forgiving and don’t need to be primed in my experience. If I could have done sub-assemblies, I would have primed however. And yes, my painting friends think I’m maniac for not priming 😀

      I agree about the Kingpin. There are elements to the character that are relatable and admirable. I’ve heard great things about Cobra Kai and I do like The Karate Kid even if I was really young when it came out. I will give that one a shot in the near future!

      Will you be sharing some more hobby updates with us soon? I’ve noticed you’ve got quiet for a bit and I hope you’ll be back to blogging soon!


      1. I indeed will post again soon. In fact behind the scenes I am moving the blog to self-hosted. New design, stuff easier to find and no cookies sniffing out my readers data.

        It is quite a bit of work, but I am getting there.

        I was actually quite productive the last months, but everything is WIP and needs a final touch here and there. A good summary of what I was up to can be found on Instagram (daggerandbrush_blog).

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  7. Looking forward to whatever that figure is. As usual, no head.
    I’m always surprised that any store can keep up with GW’s products that they keep pumping out. They are really becoming just an online store.

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    1. Glad to hear it, Bret and I would have to agree. GW releases product so fast now compared to when I was in the hobby in the 2000’s. I think a lot of people are overwhelmed by it. As a painter and not a gamer of any of their systems (currently anyway), I try to use it to my advantage and select only the highest quality stuff that speaks to me. I don’t know how others can keep up beyond that!


  8. I like the look of that fur a lot, the Vanari Lord Regent is probably my favourite thing in the Lumineth range so I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with him. 🙂

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    1. Great minds think alike then or so it would seem 🙂 Hopefully you like the option of the two that I pick best as well. I have a feeling you’ll know which one I’ve picked this weekend but time will tell!

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