Should You Start Playing Fallout Wasteland Warfare?

21 thoughts on “Should You Start Playing Fallout Wasteland Warfare?”

  1. An interesting write up and I’m intrigued by the option of solo gaming. Like IRO I like the cool minis which you can employ in the game and if I ever do get into the gaming side of things this would certainly be where I’d consider starting. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for giving it a look and that is a compliment of the highest order because I know you’ve stayed away from the gaming side of our hobby for years. I’m confident you’d do well with the minis as you enjoy post-apocalyptic subjects like myself.

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  2. Great review Jeff, comprehensive, explaining the different ways of gaming, and the options available, made all the better by your extremely well painted models on show, in great scenery.

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  3. Very comprehensive review, blog post. What I liked was that you included some “dull cote” on what could be a shiny object for those interested in getting the game. It is good to know limitations on expectations when looking at a game. While I have no interest in getting the game, I enjoyed reading this. Just looking at the cards would turn me off on this game, too much to have where I would be constantly looking up what it all means. One question, when they sell the stl files (which is a nice alternative), in your opinion, is the price reasonable?

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    1. Thanks, Bret! I want to be honest with anyone who reads this about what the game is or isn’t. I think its a great game but its strengths really appeal to me and the weaknesses are not a big problem as well but everyone’s mileage will vary.

      The cards are pretty easy to figure out for the most part. The cards that look more complex have special rules which if you understand those, the symbols mostly make sense. I do think there is an opportunity for Modiphius to reduce the use of symbols in the future if they want to go that route.

      Most of the STL files are under $20. There are some around $50 and those are usually a set of buildings or one larger structure. I don’t know how much it would cost to make these when you add the resin/plastic costs on top of that but to me, they seem reasonable. I’m a little surprised that Games Workshop doesn’t embrace 3D printing and do something similar for their games but then again, they tend to go their own way and protect their brand and they probably feel like they can make high quality terrain without letting people print it at home.

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      1. You have an open invitation to visit the bright lights of Chicago and have a game of Fallout anytime! I look forward to seeing how you inject Fallout into Core Space as well.

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  4. Great review K! I think you covered all the bases nicely! Like others,
    I don’t get as much time to actually play these days, but I have definitely been intrigued by this one since reading your posts.

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