Warhammer AoS – A Storm(cast) is coming!

16 thoughts on “Warhammer AoS – A Storm(cast) is coming!”

  1. Nice starting point on the Stormcast! I must say I wasn’t fond of the older chunky sculpts but the newer slimmer sculpts are really nice. I think your drive to follow what will make you a better painter rather than stay where you’re comfortable is admirable, and keen to see where you go! Also keen for book reviews!

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    1. Before I settled on buying the Knight-Judicator, I was musing to myself how much GW has fleshed out the Stormcast. There is so much variety to them now that they really are like fantasy space marines! 🙂

      I would hate to look back on my time on the hobby and say, I could have achieved more if I had tried harder or been a little smarter so that is one thing that drives me forward. I’m glad to hear that the book and magazine reviews will be welcome too. I’m excited to share some in the nearish future.

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  2. Sounds like you have a solid plan Jeff, and make sure to have some fun along the journey, as you wrote in your post, you used to paint just for the fun of it, and shouldn’t lose that element. When it comes to basing and dioramas look at railway enthusiasts, and larger scale modellers, there is a wealth of knowledge there to be soaked up. The Stormcast is off to a great start, as the cape is going to be covering most of the armour on the back, you may want to use darker tones than the front, as very little light will be hitting them. If you have a shiney item, that’s big try covering it with different items, and see how the colours change when exposed to full ligh partial, and no light, utilise the real world for the fantasy one.

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    1. I’m glad you like the plan too and I agree that fun is most important. I’m not spending 1000 hours on minis or anything like that as part of this plan. I don’t even know if there are people doing that but I won’t be joining them. I’ve enjoyed working on this mini quite a bit so far and as I get the gold done, there will be more variety in what I paint which should help carry me through it.

      As for everything else you mentioned, its like you read my mind! I plan on learning what I can from the exact sources you mentioned. I also feel as if you’re spoiling techniques I plan on trying in the future. How dare you haha! It will take me a little time (possibly a week or two) to really try out the more advanced techniques but we’ll see if the ideas you mentioned turn out well or not!

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  3. Well you know WAY more about painting than I do (like I don’t know the difference between warm and cold gold) so I’ll assume your plan is solid. I enjoy the LOTR over the space marine stuff and I would enjoy being a big fish in a small pond, but I’m a cowardly person. 😀

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    1. Haha, there’s nothing wrong with being a big fish in a small pond, just so long as you’re aware of that fact 😀 The worst mistake we can make is overrating our abilities or that’s what I think anyway.

      I don’t like painting space marines as much as other Warhammer miniatures so you aren’t going to see too many of those specifically. I enjoy LOTR and fantasy in general, more than 40k too so I think you’ll see more fantasy sculpts overall but time will tell. Hopefully you’ll still stop by and share some of your witticisms all the same!

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  4. You must do what you feel is right in the Force, of course. It sounds like you have put a lot of thought into your plan. And as always I will enjoy viewing your painting skills on display. I think you should consider some of the new Seraphon as potential project pieces.

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    1. I have been ruminating since Adepticon anyway and I think this is the path I will try anyway. I’m always open to reassessing if the circumstances change too. There are a lot of cool Seraphon minis coming out. They aren’t at the top of my list currently but they’re definitely on the list and I wouldn’t be surprised if I paint one in the future!

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  5. Whew, lots to take in there. First off, competitions sound absolutely soul-crushing! If you have to spend all that time painting and get just the right mini, etc. You’ve officially turned me off from ever wanting to do it, haha! It’s too bad you’re switching to Warhammer stuff, but I understand the reasons why. The model you chose looks great. I don’t know if it’s a new one or not, but I recall you mentioning that the GW judges like to see the latest and greatest minis painted up, so hopefully you took that into consideration. Cold gold is an interesting take and your metallic work is really nice. Though next to the overly bright GW image, yours looks a bit too dark at this point. Maybe it hasn’t been lit up properly or you are still working on it though. I guess the other option would be to include a brightly colored beastie target to contrast against the armored fella. I don’t know, just my thoughts. 🙂

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    1. Competition painting is not for everyone and unfortunately and fortunately, I’m trying to compete in one of the toughest ones around. I think competitions are for anyone who wants to try and push themselves and be the best painter possible. Many people don’t want to do that and I can totally understand that.

      I’m not surprised to hear you say that about the change in focus and I think there is a range of feelings about me switching to Warhammer amongst regular commenters. I’m happy with the change overall but I know that Warhammer doesn’t appeal to everyone too.

      I think this mini is relatively new though I could be wrong. I have not seen it painted before but that doesn’t mean too much. I need to try and take better pictures of it next time. My camera struggles with really light and dark colors and I really cranked the contrast up on this mini as I like to do with display pieces. I like your idea for a diorama quite a bit! We’ll see if I feel like turning this into a full-blown dio as I progress with it.

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  6. First off, that armour is looking awesome, mate, can’t wait to see it all finished, it will be beautiful thing my friend.

    Difficult decisions, but I think you’ve done the right thing to push yourself, especially in competitive terms.

    If I were to start painting GW miniatures it would have to be their Middle Earth stuff, as it’s the only range of theirs I really know anything about, or care for. Plus, I’d really like to get into the game, as would Yasmin, but, and it’s a big but, more miniatures to add to the ever growing list!

    Looking forward to the book and magazine reviews, pity no military stuff 😉

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    1. I’m glad you like the armor so far, me ol’ mucker! I’ve been refining it further this week so I’ll be curious if you like it even more next time you see it 🙂

      I’m also glad for your support on my new direction. Middle Earth SBG is a strong game (not to play solo) but as a points game or as Battle Companies. The rules haven’t changed a lot over the years because they were so well done in the first place. A lot of the “troops” miniatures are old now but GW keeps making new sculpts for the characters which are mostly what I’ve painted in the last year or two. LOTR was my sole focus 3-4 years ago and I got burnt out on the amount of minis needed to play an individual narrative scenario and the need for lots of specific terrain to match what I wanted LOTR to look like. If you can get over the last part, then it is certainly a good game though it takes a while to get everything ready to play, especially if you don’t have a lot of terrain already in your collection.

      Haha, I’m sorry to disappoint but also, watch what you wish for mate! If I’m armed with knowledge of proper WWII uniform schemes, I will be a real terror on the internet. I’ll just be prowling around looking for innocent victims that I can correct and let them know how not historically accurate their miniatures are! 😉

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