In Defense of the Shire and the Eriador Project

Another week in the books and its once again time to check in on my hobby progress which was somewhat light this time.  All I have to show is three painted up Hobbit Militia who are done other than being based.  Surprisingly, I had a pretty good time painting these metal sculpts which don’t have … Continue reading In Defense of the Shire and the Eriador Project

The Fellowship Begins

Since I haven’t been getting any games in, I’ve been focusing on hobbying which truthfully is my favorite part of all this.  As you’ll see in the coming weeks, I bounce around between various projects to make sure I don’t get tired of painting any one particular thing.  It takes longer to get the minis … Continue reading The Fellowship Begins

Goblin Town is Built!

When I started this site, I actually envisioned it more as a WIP blog where I shared painting techniques and hobby progress.  I didn’t have enough freetime to maintain it however so that is why the site dropped off in terms of updates, I am starting that side of things back up now because I … Continue reading Goblin Town is Built!