The Fellowship Begins

3 thoughts on “The Fellowship Begins”

  1. Some more really great painting. Well done. I love when people paint the fellowship even though I get pains in my heart bc my fellowship figures have sat in a drawer for years and years….😀

    On Sat, Jun 1, 2019 at 9:29 PM Battles in Middle Earth wrote:

    > Kuribo posted: “Since I haven’t been getting any games in, I’ve been > focusing on hobbying which truthfully is my favorite part of all this. As > you’ll see in the coming weeks, I bounce around between various projects to > make sure I don’t get tired of painting any one par” >

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    1. Thanks Stew! I will say that at least you didn’t buy a set of them for cheap and then get frustrated painting them, throw them away and then have to rebuy the minis about a year later. I’m still a bit embarrassed about that! The original Fellowship set is worth some decent coin these days so hang onto those minis and paint them when the mood strikes 🙂


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