Rohan at War – New Models!

7 thoughts on “Rohan at War – New Models!”

  1. This hobby is getting more expensive 😁

    I did preorder the book, where I will do my usual and try and figure out the most expensive scenario to do. For this book it will probably be one that requires two strongholds and lots of figures.

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    1. Haha, it certainly is and to be honest, it has never been cheap either! I do want to get the book too and that will be my first purchase but I suspect it will be a while yet before I buy it as I don’t want to be even more distracted from my current projects. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the news! 🙂


  2. The Rohan terrain does look good and probably useable for dark ages as well. I’m not tempted to pre order anything but might purchase some later after some reviews are posted.

    I don’t even check the Warhammer site anymore since I have you letting me know what’s coming out. 😀

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    1. I feel similarly, Stew. While stuff like Helm’s Deep is the stuff of hobby legend, I don’t feel compelled to tackle anything like that at the moment. I guess that is another side effect of being spoiled for choice!

      I don’t post every bit of news from GW but I try to post the big ones as, surprisingly, that seems to draw a lot of people to my site 😀 Thanks for stopping by as always and I’ll be looking forward to your next update when you have time!


  3. I’ve got to find time to figure out what of the newer LotR stuff I’ve gotten, missed and still want to get. I think I picked up that Saruman box, and ended up passing on the Rohan terrain because the price was just a bit too far over the top. Getting the cards has been my biggest peeve, though….

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    1. Saruman should be great to paint up. I intend to get myself a copy one of these days as well. Don’t get me started on those cards… GW pretty much botched those from the start! It is a shame because they could have been pretty strong sellers and good for the game instead of being impossible to get and frustrating everyone.

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