The Lady of the Golden Wood

11 thoughts on “The Lady of the Golden Wood”

    1. Thanks, mate! That really is a surprise considering how many people have nostalgia for Robin Hood. Maybe one day I’ll try to make a game of it using the rules from MESBG.


  1. Wow! Great job on Galadriel! I can just about hear her voice in my head while she stares at my all creepy like. 😀

    Ok, I racked my brain and I can’t think of a Robinhood type game either. The best I could come up with is using Songs of Blades and Heroes rules and just setting it in medieval England. It’ll probably work well for solo games, as Robin would be have to be unstoppable and everyone else is a mook. However you could also just use MESBG rules as well. 😀

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    1. Ha, thanks Stew! She was creepy in the movies, especially LOTR which I was never a huge fan of. She certainly is an iconic character which made it neat to paint this mini up.

      I’ll have to look up Songs of Blades as I think I’ve heard of it and if it is good for solo games then even better! Thanks for the recommendation! 😀


  2. Had to think about Robin Hood games myself – did some digging on Lead adventure forum (UK site similar to The Miniatures Page) where it seems most gamers modified existing games. Did find this though – Northstar games and Frostgrave has Robin Hood figures and one of their newsletters had a game.

    Hope this doesn’t distract you too much from LOTR 🙂

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    1. Thanks for doing some digging, Bret! Lead Adventure Forum is a dangerous place for me as I usually walk away interested in some other game though that usually dissipates pretty quickly. That link is interesting and I’m starting to think that nobody has made a full rule system or scenario so that will probably keep me from diving in 🙂

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  3. Lovely work on The Lady here – you’ve certainly done the sculpt justice! On the gaming front, I’m so glad that you took my advice and are looking into Batlte Companies! 😉

    As far as Robin Hood goes, I’m sure you could use the SBG (and Battle Companies rules, no less) to very easily make good viable rules for Robin Hood (elf archer) his men (human heroes, Gondor rangers as approriate), the Sherriff’s men (Gondor troops, ruffians, etc) and adapt any number of scenarios from many skirmish games approriately. Models would be a mix of models meant to represent Robin in their many forms, actual Gondor ranger/grey company models, those ruffians again (multiple use from the same painted models FTW!).. add in a cheap box or two of size-compatable, era-appropriate Perry Plastics, and perhaps a blister or three from them for any other heroes and villains.
    …and then use *those* models to represent troops from the feifdoms of Gondor when you get to your RotK battles…

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    1. Thanks! She remains one of my favorite models I’ve ever painted.

      I think you’re onto something there with using LOTR and SBG rules. It has been a while since I’ve read or watched Robin Hood so I don’t have a lot of specific battles in my mind but with those rules in hand, that would really be most of what I need. I probably will have enough in the near future that a Robin Hood game wouldn’t take a ton of hobby work which is very welcome too.

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