A Worm Among Shire Terrain

11 thoughts on “A Worm Among Shire Terrain”

  1. I’ve been negligent at looking at blogs lately, glad I stopped by on yours today. Trees have always been my bane and am glad that yours has come out so well. You can always try dry brushing some other shades of green if you want more variety in the color of the foliage.

    If you have a Michaels craft store nearby, you might want to pop in and look at their Greenhouse Tiny Treasures, they have miniature shrubs and trees on sale. Not Woodland Scenics quality but neither is the price.

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    1. Always a pleasure to have you stop by, Bret! I think I can get better at tree-making and I’m very much experimenting with things to see what I can do to improve. I dabbled a bit with drybrushing the first tree but wasn’t sure how well it was working. I may have little choice but to try and drybrush the lighter color trees as I don’t know if other flock will blend the way Woodland Scenics does. I’ll give it a shot when I get to those trees and report back.

      I have seen that line of miniatures. It is very curious that Michael’s has been pushing those in the last couple of years and next time I’m out at Michael’s I’ll give them a look! Thanks for the suggestion, as always!


  2. Great job on the bases and with that WrymTongue. I think I mentioned that I use the premade trees from WS too and I think they definitely look good, and look great with some extra effort like you have done. I also think the pics are fine but am looking forward to seeing all your efforts put on the table together. 😀

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    1. Thanks, Stew! Its funny because the pre-made trees only save you from having to glue but honestly even that saved work and time is such a relief! I will try to buy pre-made trees from now on when possible. I can’t wait to get all of this done and play a game as well. It has been half a year or something like that at this point which is way longer than I was anticipating.


  3. These look fantastic. Do you have any advice or a paint guide for painting Worm? Just discovered your blog and plan to do alot of reading of past articles. Starting to develop my own terrain making and looking forward to starting a similar Hobbiton project etc

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    1. Thanks, m2project! I did not write up a guide on how to paint Worm but I’d be happy to share some advice on it.

      If you’re familiar with layering, that is the painting technique I used and you will want to have a wet palette to try it. I basecoated him with a 50/50 mix of Abaddon Black and Eshin Gray and then I slowly added a lighter gray to that mix and highlighted the raised areas where the highlights would hit. With each layer you paint less and less total area on the mini until only the lightest parts are being painted with the “lightest” gray paint. It is not the easiest thing to describe but hopefully that helps. It is also a great technique for painting things like the Ringwraiths.

      I hope you find this site useful and if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I’d be happy to follow your hobby progress if you make a website or are on Instagram, just let me know! Always room for one more in The Shire 🙂


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