Welcome to the Wasteland

12 thoughts on “Welcome to the Wasteland”

    1. Much appreciated mate! I really liked Fallout 4 and New Vegas. I played 3 and liked it but would like to play an updated version as I don’t remember a lot from it anymore.

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  1. I was wondering what you’d think of the lower detailed plastic minis, I had a similar experience painting the character minis in Nemesis. But you made these look great, I’m sure it’ll look fantastic in a full gaming setup with proper terrain, looking forward to that!

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    1. Thanks! I will probably end up replacing with resin or not using many of the plastic pieces except for scenarios where I absolutely have to. As always, I want the minis and terrain to look as nice as I can and these aren’t quite up to the standard I’m happy with. With that said, you should see better quality minis and paint jobs in the coming weeks and it won’t be long at all until I turn my eyes toward terrain too 🙂

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  2. I think you did a great job! As others have stated, those game pieces aren’t up to having the level of detail we miniature painters are used to having. Most of the people who I know who bother to paint them (Besides being a little strange for doing it in the first place 😀) just go for basic paint jobs to spruce up the game some. I played on a zombicide game with all painted miniatures and it did make the game cooler.

    I think you’ll have better luck with the resin miniatures. You’re used to GW miniatures which are really high quality. Keep up the good work on your new project! 😀

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    1. Board game minis really are a beast all unto their own! I started by back into the hobby with Mansions of Madness where I was painting even worse minis than these and then I moved onto MESBG and haven’t attempted to paint many board game minis since. They are the great equalizer in that they can make a great painter look average and a bad painter also seem average 🙂 I am getting on much better with resin and can’t wait to show what I’ve been up to this weekend! 😀


  3. Nice work on the plastics, but it looks like it’s just as I feared about them essentially being boardgame models rather than miniatures. I guess them being pre-assembled PVC makes the starter box more accessible for newbies to the game coming from videogames and potentially no tabletop experience, but it still kinda sucks for people like us. Shame there’s no “expert” starter set with the resin models included instead…. unless there is?

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    1. It is funny how a bad sculpt is kind of an equalizer to painting skill. You can be incredibly skilled but if you paint a low-quality sculpt, there is a very finite ceiling to how nice it will look. I was reminded of that with these for sure.

      I believe there was an expert starter set available from Modiphius directly which is not ideal when you live in the US or Oz and they are in the UK. Modiphius also sells resin versions of all the minis in the starter set so it is easy to upgrade the regular starter that way. Alternatively, you can do what I did and buy the Super Mutant Core and Survivors Core box and nearly every mini you need from the starter is either repeated in resin or you can paint something else that works just as well. It is an odd system but the starter isn’t too expensive so I wasn’t too bothered by it. It ends up being comparable to how much GW charges overall.

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      1. That’s the thing. A good or great painter can make a crappy PVC model look really nice if they go all out, but it’s just not worth the time and effort since that same time and effort could be used on a well sculpted, well cast model instead. It really is a zero sum game. That’s why they tend to look their best when pro painted for the box and advertising art, but even then they are more likely to be working on resin masters or high quality 3d print than the same PVC that goes to retail…

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