A Glowing, Ghoulish Finale

25 thoughts on “A Glowing, Ghoulish Finale”

    1. I think the fatter they are, the more punishment they can take so I look forward to getting it on the tabletop too! And with clever lines like that, you must be (or have been!) quite the ladies man. It certainly gave me a laugh πŸ™‚

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  1. Sorry to hear the Fallout minis are becoming something of a grind. I love seeing each one you paint!

    Having had some more time to think about Falcon and Winter Soldier and reading your thoughts I agree with you. The Flag Smashers are the real weakness in the show. They are just are not compelling enough. They are a confused, uninspiring set of villains compared to Baron Zemo. I really want to see the actor for Zemo get more big roles.

    We finished Wandavision, which I need to mention in my next blog, and feel as you have said above. Again you and I are of like mind. Always a joy to read your blog!

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    1. I just picked the wrong mini to paint this time. I’m shocked because I had a great time painting an Institute mini last night and am looking forward to working on it this week now so I guess my motivation is back! I also saw that Modiphius is finally going to have a North America store for their products so I can hopefully get the terrain pieces from them I’ve wanted for a year now. Those will definitely get me excited to paint Fallout again soon too.

      I strongly agree on Zemo. The actor who played him was able to make him likable but also very untrustworthy. He also was actually funny which the show desperately needed since Falcon and Winter Soldier are both serious characters. Its a shame because the Flag Smashers could have been really interesting and fleshed out more but I think having them and John Walker was too much. Maybe both characters suffered as a result, in fact. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on WandaVision when you get around to it. I think I liked it more than other Marvel fans have so I want to see where you land with it!

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  2. Great work on the Ghoul Jeff, must be good to have another set completed. Hope the move goes smoothly, and doesn’t take long to get all set up in the new place.

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  3. I think the ghouls are brilliant, Jeff (no pun intended)! πŸ™‚ Very nice indeed! Maybe not painting or buying anything else until after you move will make you that much keener to get everything tidied away in the new place (so you can get back to painting)! I’m way behind on all superhero films and TV series I’m afraid, but I suppose I’ll catch up one day! Hope the move goes well!

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    1. Haha, thanks John! I think there is definitely some wisdom in what you’re saying too. I think taking a couple days off from painting will certainly make me appreciate it more πŸ™‚ It is tough keeping up with the superhero films and TV series these days. They don’t make it easy to stay a casual fan of them which I think is to Marvel and DC’s detriment.

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  4. Awesome Ghoulies – I think that’s right isn’t it! I love the shading, it certainly gives him a glowing look – nice one.
    I really enjoyed F&WS, which is more than I can say about WandaVision, which I found to be so slow it almost stopped! I think F&WS fits more in with what you’d expect from Marvel, whilst WV broke away from that and was aimed very much at an American market – I didn’t get half the references or the humour.
    I’ve watched the first three episodes of Loki and that’s different again. I really enjoyed the first two but the third episode I’m not so sure about – it turned into something I’d expect to see in Doctor Who – not normally a bad thing but for me it didn’t gel.
    I think Disney are aiming at too many different audiences rather than producing Marvel for Marvel lovers!

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    1. Thanks, mate! πŸ™‚ Yeah, when do we get WandaVision with Fawlty Towers and Upstairs Downstairs!? In all seriousness, F&WS is inspired by recent comics as well so I think that makes it more appealing to many Marvel fans than WandaVision. I am excited to see Loki and I’m hoping it proves to be really good overall. It seems on paper to me to have great potential but I’ll have to re-up with Disney+ if I want to find out for myself! Disney is definitely really going for variety in their shows. I’m with you and would like to see some more traditional super hero action at some point. There’s so many shows coming out that I’m not even sure what comes after Loki….

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      1. That would be worth watching… a superhero based on Basil Fawlty!
        Variety is the spice of Marvel it would seem, but I don’t want to see quantity over quality, which Disney may fall foul of.
        Black Widow is released shortly but I’ll wait until October to watch it for free – not sure what the next series is; Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk?

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      2. I’m with you on quality over quantity. Don’t kill your audience’s interest with too much content. Disney did that with Star Wars once already and haven’t learned much from it. Black Widow hopefully is good and if She-Hulk is next, my expectations won’t be high. I know next to nothing about the character and will be hoping that its good enough to make me want to watch it.

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  5. That guy can’t be a bad guy! He’s just asking for a hug! Kinda reminds me of an uncle I used to have (minus the strange green glow). πŸ˜€

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    1. He really does look like he wants to give you a hug though with all of the radiation he is emitting, I think that would be the death of most people. I think we all have an uncle or grandfather like that too haha!

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  6. Great glowing ghouls! Really nice Jeff. I hope your move went well. As for TV, I might eventually catch up, but I have a challenge keeping up with blogs as this comment shows. By the time I catch up on shows, I’ll be so old I won’t remember anything

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