The Far Side of the Elk

Another week and more progress on the all-consuming elf project.  I’m working on the other side of the elk which isn’t as exciting but is possibly a bit more relaxing since I have a pretty good idea of what I’m doing with it.  I also knocked out the red armor parts which is by far … Continue reading The Far Side of the Elk

The Return of the Elf

I’m going to run out of creative titles for this mini one of these days but at least that day is not today! After finishing the synth, I surprised myself when I started to feel drawn to go back to the elf project. I’m glad I did as I have more or less finished everything … Continue reading The Return of the Elf

For Ulthuan and Crom!

That title might confuse some but I promise it will make sense by the end. This week might have been the worst I’ve had in terms of wedding and moving stress. I finally jumped through enough hoops for the closing only for the lawyer and lender to schedule it on a day without consulting me … Continue reading For Ulthuan and Crom!