Are There Too Many Games Out There?

I’m back from vacation and nearly recovered from an early morning flight thankfully.  Orlando was less sunny and warm than I hoped but still a much needed improvement from Chicago.  Disney World was less fun than I hoped, more crowded and frustrating than expected, and so it is hard to assess how much fun my … Continue reading Are There Too Many Games Out There?

The Fellowship Begins

Since I haven’t been getting any games in, I’ve been focusing on hobbying which truthfully is my favorite part of all this.  As you’ll see in the coming weeks, I bounce around between various projects to make sure I don’t get tired of painting any one particular thing.  It takes longer to get the minis … Continue reading The Fellowship Begins

Goblin Town is Built!

When I started this site, I actually envisioned it more as a WIP blog where I shared painting techniques and hobby progress.  I didn’t have enough freetime to maintain it however so that is why the site dropped off in terms of updates, I am starting that side of things back up now because I … Continue reading Goblin Town is Built!